The New TSC Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) For Secondary School Teachers;2021



CPG is a new system that is still a mystery to many teachers. Even now that many positions have been advertised, teachers are still confused and they don’t even know which positions to apply for.

How to get a TSC promotion to the next grade.
CPG has 14 Grades which teachers must go through in the teaching career. You can only be promoted to the next grade after taking a minimum of 3 years in the current grade.

To qualify for promotion to the next grade, a teacher must have satisfactory rating in the performance appraisal and successfully undertaken the relevant TPD modules.

Promotion is also pegged on the availability of funds. You can therefore only apply when the grades are advertised.

Teachers should also know that in the new system, there are no interviews for one to move from one job group to another. Once you have been promoted to the next grade then your job group changes automatically.

The following are the Grades for secondary school teachers in the CPG:


1. Secondary Teacher III

This is the entry grade for secondary school teachers who are diploma holders.

2. Secondary Teacher II
This is the entry grade for secondary school teachers who are holders of Bachelors Degree in Education or it’s equivalent.
It’s also a promotion grade for holders of Diploma in Education.

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3. Secondary Teacher I
4. Senior Master/Mistress IV
5. Senior Master/Mistress III
6. Senior Master/Mistress II
7. Senior Master/ Mistress I
8. Deputy principal IV
9. Deputy principal III
10. Deputy principal II
11. Deputy principal I
12. Principal
To qualify for appointment in this grade, a teacher must have served as a Deputy principal II or Senior master I for a minimum period of three (3) years.

13. Senior Principal
To qualify for appointment to this grade, a teacher must have served as a principal or Deputy principal I for a minimum of three years.

14. Chief Principal.

It is worth noting that Head of Department (HoD) is an illegal position which is not recognised by TSC in the new CPG.
Teachers who have taken a minimum of three (3) years in job group C3 (formerly L) should apply for the advertised 6,680 Positions for Senior Master/Mistress IV and once they are successful, they will be moved to Job group C4. In other words, there will be no other advertisements for Job group M like before. The rest of the advertised posts will only benefit Deputies and principals.

In conclusion, it will now be very difficult in the new system for a teacher to become a principal. It will take at least 30 years for one to become a principal.
So if you are employed at 25 years, then the earliest you can become a principal is when you are 55 years old.

A teacher is a candle, it consumes to light way for others.


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