CS Magoha bans the use of Hand Sanitizers in Schools

Education CS Prof George Magoha on Wednesday banned the use of hand Sanitizers in Schools by students. He has instructed teachers to confiscate all small-bottle sanitisers from students.

Speaking after meeting education stakeholders at Our Lady of Fatima Girls Secondary School in Kariobangi North, the CS noted that some students have been using sanitisers to start fires in schools.

“I want to tell teachers that they must not allow small-bottle sanitisers into schools.

“If any child has portable sanitiser, it should be taken and kept and given when the child is leaving school,” said Magoha.

Adding: “We have already seen that a fire was started using a sanitiser in one of the schools.

CS Magoha in a classroom at Fatima girls

This comes just a day after property of unknown value was destroyed at Cheborge Boys Secondary School in Kericho after fire broke out in a dormitory.

One side of a twin dormitory was damaged but the cause of the fire is yet to be established.

“The twin dormitory held 300 students with one side having been destroyed by the fire,” said Joseph Birdai, the Bureti sub-county director of education.

Earlier this month, Magoha stated that large quantities of sanitisers will not be allowed in schools, directing that only about five litres will be allowed and will be handled by teachers.

“Our children are very creative and we all know what they may do with it. We will not allow over five litres of sanitisers to go into schools.

“Quantity of sanitisers should only be handled by teachers for the purpose of general school population when in public places,” he remarked

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