TSC Hardship areas in Kenya and Allowance rates For Teachers in Hardship Areas per job group

Teaching as a profession is among the most stressful jobs you can do in Kenya,according to a recent research. Not only is it a stressful career, but also one of the underpaying professions you will ever do in the country. Over the past years, teachers in Kenya have always made headlines for hitting the streets demanding for a better pay. That sums up how stressful and underpaying the profession is.

Teachers in Kenya are employed by The Teachers Service commission.

TSC as a body has powers to appoint teachers and post them in various places in Kenya. Hence some teachers end up in hardship areas.

We have  researched and came up with a list of counties/ areas that according to TSC are hardship areas.

Hardship areas in Kenya  where there could be understaffing, insecurity, religious conflict, drought and poor fees payment.

Students in a School in an hardship area


Before Classifying an area to be an hardship area, the region must meet any of these conditions:

  1. Lack of/unavailability or inaccessibility to food,
  2. Poor  transport and communication networks
  3. Limited  to basic social services and amenities,
  4. Persistent harsh climatic conditions like flooding, landslides and drought,
  5. Insecurity and high possibility of security threats.

For instance in Mandera, cases of teachers being abducted by militant groups are no longer news. In Garissa, one teacher leads a class of 197 students while in Tana River there are no classrooms.

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Below Are The Counties Featured By Tsc As Hardship Areas:

1. Turkana
2. Mandera County
3. Wajir County
4. Marsabit County
5. Samburu County
6. West Pokot County
7. Tana River County
8. Narok County
9. Kwale County
10. Garissa County
11. Kilifi County
12. Taita Taveta County
13. Isiolo County
14. Lamu County


It should be noted that some counties have been listed under hardship areas, but not all schools have been captured by the commission as hardship centres

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Due to the challenges that teachers teaching in hardship oriented areas face, The government of Kenya decided to chip in to at least compensate them on the extra cost of life hence making their stay at those areas Abit comfortable.

The table below summarizes the monthly hardship allowance rates that are paid to teachers working in hardship areas; per job group as per the 2014 review:

S/NO GRADE TSC SCALE FORMER JOB GROUP Hardship Allowance- in Kshs per Month
1 B5 5 G 6,600
2 C1 6 H 8,200
3 C2 7 I 10,900
4 C3 8 J 12,300
5 C4 9 K 14,650
6 C5 10 L 17,100
7 D1 11 M 27,300
8 D2 12 N 27,300
9 D3 13 P 31,500
10 D4 14 Q 31,500
11 D5 15  R 38,

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  1. Thanks for the information.
    Just a concern. Kaloleni sub county which is in Kilifi county has a vast area which is semi arid. We teachers observe conditions such like Bamba and Ganze. Unfortunately we don’t get the hardship allowance.
    It’s our hope that we have been included in this category if not then we are requesting the TSC officials concerning with the upgrading to visit this subcounty and make adjustments.


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