New TSC salary scales and grading system for teachers starting July 2021


Finally, the implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission will bring to an end the “solidarity forever for the union makes us strong” chants that the tutors have been taking on the streets now and then. This project is currently in its third phase, which is expected to run between 2019 and 2020.

However, some tutors won’t benefit from the 3rd phase as they did in the first and the second phase.

New TSC salaries and grading system

Here is the breakdown of the new TSC salaries and grading system for teachers in 2020.

TSC new grading system

The current TSC upgrading of teachers led to the scrapping off of some job groups and merging of others. Under the new system of grading tutors, the grade that was previously known as P1, which was under Job Group G, was scrapped off and replaced with Grade B5. This grade was designated as the new entry grade for all tutors at the primary school level

The other grades that followed were re-structured and re-named as follows:

  • J to C1
  • K to C2
  • L to C3
  • M to C4
  • N to C5

Apart from job groups J to N, there was another rank that belonged to the higher band which was designated as P, Q and R. These three were later renamed to:

  • P to D1
  • Q to D2
  • R to D3

The Kenyan National Union of Teachers requested for an additional job groups S and T, which the commission granted. Under the new grading, the two categories were named D4 and D5, respectively. The chief principals now fall under category D5 of the new grading system.

Through a Circular released by TSC, some clarifications have been made that will end the speculations about the July  salary increment for teachers.

Teachers who have stayed in the same job group for more than 3 years will be promoted to the next job group. This is according to TSC policy under the schemes of service or career progression. Therefore all teachers eligible for promotion will be promoted as per the existing POLICIES guiding promotions.

TSC stated categorically that at No point has the Commission stated that Knut members will not be promoted. Instead,They will be promoted based on the following Schemes Of Service:

1:Available vacancies in the next job group.

2:Upon completion of Teacher Proficiency Course.

3:Job group C3 which was formally L cannot move to M since M is recognised only under Career Progression and teachers will in this job group be subjected to an interview.

Meanwhile,All teachers who at B5 will move automatically to C1,joining C1 at the next Salary band. This is because CPG made B5 to C1 a common cadre promotion for P1 teachers without subjecting them to Teacher Proficiency just like J to K and K to L(C1 to C2 and C2 to C3) respectively.

Teachers in job group B5(H) will have their salary increased from 24,000-27,000.those in C1(J) will have their new salary starting from 28,000-35,000 while those in C2(K) increased between 34,000-43,000. Majority of teachers are in job group C3(L) and their salaries will now range from 42,000-53,000 while in C4(M) new salary will be 52,000-62,000.In job group C5(N) new salary will range from 62,000-77,000While D1(P) will now be between 76,000-93,000.

Some tutors will have to walk home empty-handed since their increment was concluded during the first two phases of CBA implementation. Secondary school tutors under the current job group C2, formerly known as job group K with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or any other of its equivalent, will not be receiving any pay rise during this 3rd phase.

It means that the TSC job group k salary scale remains at a minimum of Ksh. 34, 955, and a maximum of Ksh. 43, 694.

Similarly, some secondary school teachers salary in Kenya will not be affected as they belong to the non-increment group for the third phase. The other categories of trainers whose salary increment was only scheduled for the 1st and 2nd phase are:

  • Secondary school tutors with a Diploma in Education (grade C1)
  • Primary tutors at job group B5

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  1. Bravo tsc, but am grieved because I’ve never received my salary since I was employed in January this year. If there’s any way I can be assisted, I will highly appreciate. THANKS.

  2. It’s high time TSC acknowledges ECDE teachers,why register them when you can’t employ them!!…these teachers deserves better,CBC starts from pre_school how do you expect them to lay that foundation when you cant recognize them!!

  3. What is not mine to do, I leave unto God. Just analyse that suggestion from World Bank critically and imagine your daughter or son, father or mother walks home with a pay cut of between sh.6600 and 30 something thousand shillings per month and forever! Kindly affect the new recruits or implement it slowly until it is finally phased out without affecting the current generation of teachers. The truth is that we deserve it please.We’ve never developed for floods and clashes.

  4. Tsc,should think again on this jobgroup L currently changed to c3. There are old primary School teachers and more so she teachers who have stayed in jobgroup L for more than 8 yrs,yet they have degrees and others have masters.

  5. Kindly our employer,rethink of advertising for promotions to c4 coz some of us have been in c3 for more than 10 years .

  6. Tsc please scrap this so called job group J for its not different from P1. Some trs have stayed there for over 6 yrs now yet some are graduates.

    • Why are you not talking about salaries and u r not talking about the interns and newly employed teachers 90% haven’t earned for 4months ,it’s said tsc individuals have invested the money to gain interest before releasing the cash as interns suffer so painful for teachers.Talk about it.

  7. Please ,would like to ,remid the commission that some teachers did not,get promoted from job group (J),primary ,teacher1,the ,commission ,has forgotten,to ,upgrade .some have 3,years,to retire.Promote,these teachers to (L)senior teacher primary

  8. I hate how the commission is being run. Too much endless disheartening policies aimed at demoralizing the work force. I’ve never work under such a devilish leadership.

  9. Request, honour a number of degrees, especially from p1 teachers. Mine has stayed last five years. Kindly consider us all.

  10. Good TSC,am happy for the good you are doing but all isn’t well with me,B5 teachers automatically moved to C1 but since this was effected that is July 2020 I have never received my increment.What is my fate and the others?

  11. The fact that TSC does not promote teachers who attained a C plain in KCSE…. holders of P1 certificates and bachelor of education with C+ in two teaching subjects beats no logic. C+ is the minimum requirement for freshly taking a bachelors degree in education and having a c plain and two years training for P1and atleast a 2nd class honor degree IS even better than just a c+ a degree of any kind

  12. TSC should do something on job group c3 formerly job group L some teachers have stayed in this grade for more than 12 years the grade is overcrowded

    • How do TSC promote senior teachers some of us have not seen a penny since 2016.We have asked for this money in but no positive response.What must we do

  13. What is the fate of Diploma who have served in group J for 3years and moved to group K?
    Why can’t they be promoted to L after 3years coz many have stagnated at K for more than 9years now.

  14. My employer. Please, consider job group L in the next CBA. I have stagnated in that job group for 20 years. I have done the interview three times to no avail. Kindly do something for us.

  15. Administrators in ASAL areas fate has remained a white elephant. Only principals received the affirmative action, deputies have remained in acting capacity,No affirmative action taken, No one speaks about it. We attended interviews but N-way, Mungu anawaona.

  16. TSC promotions are unfair we farthered our education for value addition but up-to-date we have not been promoted hii no taaabu kweli mungu hatuzaidie.

  17. TSC promotions is unfair we farthered our education but to date not promoted since 2014.please iko taaabu mungu hatuzaidie.


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