TSC gives Programme Details on Teachers’ CBC Training that is set to start this Month

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to roll out its November 2020 CBC training targeting 18,000 teachers. Like other previous organized training teachers TSC has ordered for list of teachers who will will attend training for the new curriculum among other details.

Details seen by The Newstamu Crew  show that a maximum of four primary school teachers are required to attend the training slated to run from 29th November to 5th December.

However school headteachers who are also among the four attendees will only train for the first day of the program. TSC has ordered for three primary school teachers to attend apart from the school head. One of the teachers should come from lower primary and two others from grade upper.

Same pattern applies for SNE schools and special units. The teacher employer has also ordered for its officials in the Sub counties to submit the details of the venues which will be used for training the teachers in their zones as well as the logistics for meals.

TSC is also expected to pay teachers who will attend the program in their zones in a rate which is yet to be revealed. The details are to be captured in excel format and include the name and TSC number of the teachers to attend, their class and zone they are found as well as their mobile phone numbers.

However the training will begin on 23rd November for training of CSOs and CBC champions who will in turn train the teachers in their zones. The training will begin for primary and secondary teachers on 29th November 2020.

The Head teachers will be required to attend the training for one day and on the first day of zonal teacher training while the teachers will be trained for 5 days. The CBC class is expected to spill over to grade five next year after the Education CS George Magoha said no academic year will be lost and no learner will repeat class when schools fully reopen early January 2021.

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development- KICD said it is finalising printing of curriculum designs for Grade 5 to prevent delays in supply of curriculum books in the next academic year. KICD said the Course Books and Teacher’s Guides for Grade 5 have been completed.

The move will ensure publishers have enough me to print text books for pupils presently in Grade 4 joining Grade 5 in the next academic year. KICD also said the curriculum designs for Grade 6 are undergoing final review.

It said it is currently in the process of developing the curriculum designs for Grade 7-9, and the scope and sequence charts for Grade 10-12. The training is expected to have low or no resistance from teachers unions which had previously opposed the program.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has been at loggerheads with TSC and Ministry of Education over the rolling out and training of teachers on the new curriculum. Last year TSC, interdicted more than one hundred and sixty teachers for causing chaos in April CBC workshops.

Knut Secretary General Mr Wilson Sossion had called on teachers to boycott the program which led to chaos as some officials visited and evicted teachers from the training venues.

Out of the one hundred and sixty interdicted teachers forty got dismissed after they failed to convince TSC disciplinary panels that they were innocent of the offences. Most of them were Knut branch Secretaries, Chairmen and BEC’s.

But a good number totaling one hundred and twenty eight had their cases heard and received favourable verdict since they were all reinstated. However TSC reviewed cases of some of the dismissed teachers two months ago and reinstated them to payroll after they appealed.

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