Tsc confirms; there is no pay cut for teachers as they will receive their full march pay

Rumours that the teachers’ march pay will be cut by half have been said to be fake by TSC. The romours came as a result of a Kenya newspaper company that was briefing Kenyans about JKIA workers whose salaries will be cut by half this month.

The paper also stated that the civil servants’ salaries will also have to be cut though, they’ll be fully refunded after the Covid 19 pendamic.

Teachers should now expect their full March Salaries to hit the accounts next week. This is totally contrary to rumour mills going round that teachers will receive half pay. Already many teachers have been sent into panic by the propaganda,something they least expect now.

Teachers should ignore such rumours and concentrate on how to help the government minimise the effect of Covid-19. TSC will not do such a thing and if it were to cut salaries,a circular to that effect would have been sent via various media.

Meanwhile,the week tomorrow is very crucial to us Kenyans in the fight against the spread of Covid-19. Let us all observe the government guidelines and if possible,lockdown our homes and stay there for the whole week as we monitor the situation.


Let us learn from the mistake made by Italy on how not to handle Covid-19. God bless you.

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Stay safe.

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