St Patrick Iten boys school KCSE results, location, school history, school fees structure, address and contacts

St. Patrick’s High School  is situated in  Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet County, in the recent past being in the Rift Valley Province in Kenya. It is a national boys  secondary school operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eldoret. Hence it’s a Catholic boys’ school

It operates as a boarding school for about 1500 students from all parts of Kenya. The school has a staff of about 28 teachers and a similar number of support personnel.

The school was founded by the Patrician Brothers, Irish missionaries to Kenya in 1961, following the Mau Mau uprising when there were only two other secondary schools for African boys north of Naivasha.

The school offsets student fees with an on-campus farm. The school claims to be in the academic top 100 out of 2200 such schools in Kenya. The “Iten Maths Contest,” started in 1975, is a national mathematics competition of secondary schools, hosted, organised and judged by St. Patrick’s High School staff. In 1989, the school was one of the first in

Kenya to get computers. It remains one of the most advanced through its network of alumni worldwide.

Iten boys’ school fees structure:

To obtain the school fees structure for st Patrick Item boys, you’re advised to visit the school principal’s office or rather one can use the contacts below to contact the school administration  over the fees structure. Otherwise the approximate school fees for Kenya national schools is 55,000 Kenyan shillings.

St.Patrick’s High school Iten Contacts;

School’s KNEC code; 34500010
School’s postal address; P.O. Box 310, Iten
Telephone/ mobile number; 0715380100

St.Patrick’s High school Iten KCSE performance;

Being a national school in Kenya, the school is known for doing so well in KCSE exams. As an example, in 2013’s KCSE, the school became position 48 in Kenya  having a mean score of 59.556 [B-] where 160 students had sat for the exam that year. Very many students manages to the university.

The school is known as one of the academic giants. In 2017’s KCSE, the school became the second best school in the county after Sing’ore Girls. It ranked position 37 nationally in 2017.

St.Patrick Iten High school Iten Form one selection;
In Iten high school, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as the first choice are given higher priority than others.Hence for a student to get a chance in this mighty school, he should be competent and ready to gain knowledge.


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