Fate of intern teachers after the court ruling will shock you

The fate of Junior Secondary School (JSS) interns employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has come under scrutiny following recent court orders. The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has raised concerns about the competency-based curriculum (CBC) and its future, especially after a court ruling deemed it illegal to hire interns for junior schools.

KUPPET administrators expressed worries about the uncertainties surrounding junior secondary schools and the potential lack of assigned teachers for pupils. They urged the TSC not to appeal the Employment and Labour Relations Court’s (ELCR) ruling but instead to provide permanent, pensionable terms to teachers hired as interns under contract.

During a news conference held at the KUPPET offices in Nairobi, the Secretary-General emphasized the importance of finding fair and legal solutions to address staffing gaps in the teaching profession, rather than appealing the court’s decision.

The ruling, delivered by Judge Bryrum Ongaya, highlighted the TSC’s engagement of interns who were qualified and licensed to teach but were hired in violation of fair labor norms. The court found the commission’s recruiting procedures, aimed at filling staffing gaps in public schools, to be discriminatory.

KUPPET accused the TSC of bias and disregarding its role as an autonomous state agency by unconstitutionally selecting teachers to work as interns. Secretary Misori urged the TSC to collaborate with Parliament to secure more funding to address the upcoming challenges in the education sector.

Similarly, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) welcomed the court’s ruling as a victory for intern teachers, viewing it as a positive step toward ensuring professionalism and justice in education.

Overall, the court’s decision has brought attention to the plight of TSC JSS interns and sparked discussions about the future of the CBC and the teaching profession in Kenya. It underscores the importance of fair labor practices and the need for sustainable solutions to address staffing issues in the education sector.

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