How to handle challenges experienced in filling 2019 wealth declaration form online via TSC portal

Some teachers are going through a hell as the Teachersservice commission’s portal suppost to be used by teachers in filling their declaration forms is not appropriately responding.

Recently the portal has been seen to be inactive or rather non functional to some teachers. The portal has been experiencing massive down times while the deadline dates for filling the forms are drawing near.

A spot check shows it is put under uphill tasks using it during the days and night hence its inaccessibly . After filling the forms the system does not  send the copy of the filled form to the declared E mail address. This situation is proving hell as its not giving teachers peace of mind. Teachers are in a crossway not sure whether their returns have been correctly filled.

The other problem that can be probably causing the problem maybe from avoiding to give all the required information.

The declaration requirements for the the declaration to go through include:

  1. Phone number
  2. Tsc number
  3. Email address
  4. KCSE mean grade
  5. Highest education level
  6. Home county
  7. Your sub county
  8. Any impairment
  9. Category I.e secondary or primary
  10. Main subject
  11. Grade
  12. Gross income from November 2017 to 2019
  13. Assets
  14. Liabilities
  15. Dependent information
  16. Spouse name and ID number
  17. Other relevant information
  18. Witness name and address with the ID number.

Challenge Handling:

Patience will pay the key role here as there is no other aption when trying to fill the forms.

Try and fill the forms late at night when the system is not clogged by users trying to log in.

Try also to refresh the page until the return is  accepted.

When the return is captured,you are prone to see  a success message appearing on the screen on green colour. The message will be informing you that a copy of the form has been sent to the entered address.

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