Sure Artificial and home remedies to deal with acne and black heads on your face

Acnes are face pop outs on your face that are probably caused by accumulation of fats in your face skin and also due to some bacteria that comes to contact to your skin. Later when they break and heal hence  leave black spots that ain’t simple to heal.

Its the dream of every lady to have a smooth and clear skin. Luckily enough there are sure researched ways that have enabled many to do away with acnes and black spots hence enjoy looking beautiful and flawless.

Home remedies include:

  1. Lemon juice use. Lemon juice should be extracted from the fruit itself then diluted abit to reduce the high concentration of the acid in it. Its rich in Flavonoids and other important antioxidants that will help to lighten the darknspots on your face.
  2. Parsley. The parsley leaves should be crushed or ground to obtain its juice. The juice should be applied bon a clean face and left for twents minutes then washed off. It exhibits lightening properties to the skin that help to do away with spots and such conditions.
  3. Aloe vera. The leaves are succulent. Their juice should be extracted and diluted to prevent it from being harsh on your skin.Apply the juice daily for twenty to thirty minutes for the best results.
  4. Orange peels. This peels have hesperid in potent flavonoid. These are skin lightening agents.
  5. Tumeric. It has curcumin and antioxidants that will work positively in eradication of acnes.
  6. Cucumber. It has Silica that help to do away with black heads.

How to avoid acnes and black heads on your face:

Black heads occur when dead skin and oilsbget trapped in your skin pores.Salucalic acid helps reduce blackheads because it penetrates the pore and cleans out all that is trapped material and also encourage cell turnover.

  1. Avoid the sun.  The sun increases the the rate at which melanin is formed .
  2. Don’t pop pimples. They should be let to dry up on their own. If popped they form spots that are hard to heal.
  3. Use gentle face products. Some products are made with very harsh chemicals that will irritate the skin and make itbmorw worse than before.
  4. Use natural remedies as they prove to be the best.
  5. Use Tee tree oil.
  6. Use coconut oil. It has a tendency to repair the skin and prevent new acne.
  7. Vitamin E. Has skin regenerating properties.
  8. Apple cider vinegar. It encourages antimicrobial activities that prevent occurrence of pimples on your face.

Super but Artificial treatment creams for treating acnes and black heads.

  1. Glossier solution
  2. Differing acne cream. Has retinal that increase the exfoliation speed on the face.
  3. Philosophy pore Extractor exfoliating clay mask. Has calicylic  acid and natural exfoliants that scrub away impurities.
  4. Origins retexturising mask with rose clay. It has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.
  5. Best for oily skin. Has fresh Umbrian clay purifying mask that deep cleans to minimize small imperfections.
  6. Neutragena oil free acne wash. Has 2% salicycic acids that help clear black heads.
  7. Skinflix foaming clay cleanser. Activated charcoal binds to oils and helps pull them out from the skin.
  8. A marte Daily exfolipower. Its a nice exfoliant.
  9. The ordinary Lactic acid 10% it’s has the best exfoliant chemical.

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