TSC TPAD, new tools for teachers;download for free

Teacher Performance and Development, TPAD, is a performance evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher as per the set standards prescribed by the Commission.

TPAD has several tools that guide teachers. It is these tools that provides a framework on how to go about the tool. What more amazing is teachers will now have to fill TPAD online and on a weekly basis.

Before, carrying on a self assessment online, teacher has to create a new tpad2 account through tsc portal.

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In this write up am going to take you through all tpad tools how to access them.

Here is a list of TSC TPAD tools

  1. Checklist of the Documents to be kept by the Head of an Institution

This tool guides the head of the institution all the documents that he needs to them updated. All documents in this checklist are used to assess whether the Head of the Institution has embraced institutional based Quality Standard Management (QSM) in maintenance of teaching standards.

To download and access this tool click here: Checklist of the Documents to be kept by the Head of an Institution.

2. Checklist of Teacher Professional Documents

This tool gives the teacher glimpse whether he/she has complied with the teaching performance standards.

The listed documents must be prepared, used, updated and maintained at all times, it is upon these that the teacher will be rated. The head of institution must ensure that this check list marked monthly by the immediate supervisor.

To download and access this tool click here: Checklist of Teacher Professional Documents

3. Lesson Observation Form (LOF)

Its a requirements of the teaching standards that all teachers including the head of the institution is observed at least twice in a term.

This tool guides teachers how lesson how lesson observation should be carried on.

To download and access this tool click here: Lesson Observation Form (LOF)

4. Lesson Recovery Schedule (LRS)

Its responsibility of each teacher to ensure that all lessons allocated to him or her are honestly attended. However sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, a teacher may miss lesson(s). When this happens teachers are encouraged to make arrangement and make up for lesson(s) missed.

Lesson Recovery Tool (LRS), gives detailed information on number lessons missed and those recovered.

To download and access this tool click here: Lesson Recovery Schedule (LRS)

5. Teacher Lesson Attendance Register (TLAR)

This form should be completed by the class secretary/monitor with the knowledge of the teachers. The form should be surrendered to the Deputy Head teacher to complete the section above on weekly basis.

In the tool for lower primary the class teacher to fill but the Deputy head teacher to oversee. The Deputy Head teacher should then submit the completed form to the Head teacher/Principal.

After taking the necessary action the Head teacher/Principal should file all the forms so that they are available when needed.

To download and access this tool click here: Teacher

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