Upto date teacher enhancement programme and how to Secure a TSC job with ease

Teacher Enhancement Program

Subject enhancement is one of the best way that helps teachers secure TSC employment easily. Teachers Service Commission (TSC) requirements for registration of teachers should be considered before proceeding to enhance subject.

TSC, a body that is constitutionally mandated to register teachers requires one to attain at least C+ in the two teaching subjects. This also means that one must have studied the subject at KCSE, except for Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Science and Computer:

    • For Business studies and Computer, one should have attained a minimum of C+ in Mathematics in KCSE.
    • For Agriculture and Home science, one should have attained a minimum of C+ in Biology at KCSE.

To enhance a subject basically means going back to the university and enroll for units offered under the subject. TSC requires at least 9 units including teaching methods for each of the two subjects a teacher is entitled to teach.

For example, a teacher who pursued Bachelor of Education Arts (Mathematics and Business), can decide to go back to a university and enhance either chemistry or Physics. This means that at the end of enhancement course this teacher will Mathematics/Physics or Mathematics/chemistry.

Its an undeniable fact that there are TSC subject combinations that can prolong ones employment. The good thing is that with subject enhancement, one can take a well calculated move to secure employment easily.

Teacher Enhancement programmes can also be appropriate for teachers who initially had done one teaching subject and are required to have two teaching subjects.

Choosing a convenient university to pursue Teacher Enhancement Program (TEP), is also important. Most teachers prefer Mount Kenya University.

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