TSC Merit Lists:Schools will only invite Top five (5)candidates from the Merit list For July 2022 Interviews for teachers

  • TSC Merit Lists:Schools will only invite Top five (5)candidates from the Merit list For July 2022 Interviews for teachers


TSC, Teachers Service Commission has worked on quite a number of adjustments to the employment score sheet for this year in preparation for the July 20220 recruiting process

A number of questions have however been raised by some teachers who were not pleased with the commission’s decision to reducing the internships marks , especially for intern teachers.


This years’ new score sheet states that an intern teacher who has worked for a maximum of three years would score 15 marks compared the usual 30 marks.

Merit lists per county 2022 July recruitment

S-workings – 1692 Edited

Laikipia West Sec Recruitment



SEC 1691 Makueni SEC 4000




S-workings – Lot 4000 Edited





TSC Recruitment Merit Lists Per County; July 2022 (click here to download)

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This is a contrast to freshly employed interns, who only have 5 marks to show for their internship contract, those serving their second year will receive 10 marks.


According to the Commision, with the same marking scheme that going forward, it will not conduct interviews to replace teachers who have left the teaching profession as has been the traditional but it shall make use of past data from the preceding mass recruitment to replace the teachers.


In the latest revealation, it is now clear that the e number of candidates who will be invited for interviews during the employment exercise has been reduced as it is made evident in the score sheet.


Under the new Scoresheet, school administrators have been given the authority to limit invitations to the top five applicants on the merit list for the mass recruiting of 2022. Consequently, this will prevent the unnecessary crowd that is typically present during recruitment exercises as indicated below.



TSC recruitment panel will invite the next five best candidates for interviews, which will then be rescheduled, if none of the top five applicants match the requirements.


A given candidate who is unhappy with the process should file a written complaint to the TSC County Director as soon as possible and send a copy to the TSC Headquarters no later than seven (7) days following the selection process;

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