Why TSC Can Disqualify a Teacher During Recruitment Exercise

Why TSC Can Disqualify a Teacher During Recruitment Exercise

Teachers Service Commission has the powers to disqualify applicants from the recruiting process under certain circumstances.


Given here are a few justifications given by TSC that can lead to disqualifications of candidate before or during the recruitment exercise.


(a) Once an applicant Presents forged document


(b) Incase an applicant was deregistered by TSC


The Commission keeps records of teachers cases and once a teacher has been dismissed for one reason or another, the teacher is likely to be disqualified.


(c)If an application Possess two TSC numbers.


The teachers employer states that a teacher should be registered once. If it happens that a teacher has two TSC numbers , this teacher can be disqualified as well or the teacher is regarded to commit professional misconduct.


(d) when a teachers fails to meet the minimum requirements


The commission gives clear requirements for one to be a teacher whether primary or secondary level.


However, some teachers ignore this and go ahead to train as teachers. Just Incase such teachers appear before the panel they likely to be disqualified .


(e)when an applicant owns Certificate From Unrecognised Institutions


Incase an applicant possesses certificates from unrecognized institutions are also disqualified during TSC recruitment exercise.




(f) when an applicant fails to declare his/her Previous Employment


The Commision requires that an applicant should indicate whether they were previously employed by the commission. If one does not indicate, he or she will be disqualified.


(g) when an applicant displays lack of teaching Exposure


Applicants who have not attended their teaching practice after undertaking of enhancement programme will be disqualified during interviews


(h)Incase an applicant Misses on the Graduation List


Once an applicant is missing on the graduation list, he or she will be disqualified. This therefore means that one must present evidence of appearing on the graduation list.


(i) Incase an applicant have different Names on Certificates


Incase an applicant has names that are appearing on all certificates must be consistent.


Incase an applicant has different names appear on ones certificate, the applicant will be disqualified.


Every applicant is required to submit a deed poll to justify the change of names

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