Kuccps Inter- faculty transfers ( How to change from one course to Another)

Kuccps Inter- faculty transfers ( How to change from one course to Another)




The KUCCPS change of course window is expected to come up soon and you will have one last opportunity to get placement into your dream course and/or institution by making inter college transfer or inter university transfer request (accompanied by an application to change course as you may wish) .


Inter faculty transfers

The inter faculty transfers are helpful to those who have been admitted into their preferred college/university and only have an issue with the course.


The most important thing is to have in mind here is that you have to wait until you join the institution then request for the transfer of course through your college’s registrar office.




You MUST meet the minimum requirements to be accepted.






This exercise may even take one day to complete the change of course.


KUCCPS transfer 2022/ 2023 application Procedure

When Kuccps will announce the start of this program officially, this is the procedure:


Ensure you visit kuccps.net. and log in with your KCSE index no. and your usual password.

Then click on the Transfers Tab at the top

Next Click on select programme

Select the course you wish to be transferred to and type the programme code in the inter institution transfer space.

Key in the reason for transfer (simple Hint:Ensure you give a convincing reason). One may be required to upload supporting documents depending on the explanation you give).Also take note that the reason you give for transfer must not be below 300 characters.

Ensure you fill in the remaining information including the endorsement information by the receiving and releasing institutions.

Points to note

You can only proceed with payment if you have met the course cutoff points and cluster requirements.

The whole process is, in fact, automated and it’s not necessary to print the filled KUCCPS transfer form.

Carefully read and follow every instruction provided in the portal.

It’s important to monitor the portal and follow up with KUCCPS and both the institution you want to be released from and the receiving college/university. Also you can call them all after you complete filling the form because you risk hanging in the air if the deadline passes without approval. And don’t tire of calling and following up until you’re assured of a place.

You will get a notification when the transfer has been successfully completed

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