TSC Issues Updated Duties, Responsibilities And Salary Of B5, C1 Teachers in Kenya

TSC Issues Updated Duties, Responsibilities And Salary Of B5, C1 Teachers in Kenya

Some job groupings were eliminated and others were merged as part of the ongoing TSC teacher upgrade. The grade previously known as P1, which was under Job Group G, was cancelled and replaced with Grade B5 under the new system of grading teachers.

This grade was established as the official entry grade for all primary school tutors. Secondary Instructors II are secondary school teachers with the grade C2 (previously K; Grade C2 is an admission grade for secondary school teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or its equivalent).

The starting compensation varies depending on the position. The basic salary for a teacher in the first rank is 27,195 shillings, while the basic income for a teacher in the sixth notch is 33,994 shillings.

A school that is located in a municipal zone will receive a higher commuter and housing allowance. Similarly, a school that is located in a hardship area will be granted a hardship allowance. A monthly hardship allowance of 8,200 shillings will be paid to a teacher in grade B5.

Six notches are present. The starting salary for each notch is different. From the first to the highest notch, the income increases.

With the Physical Disability is another factor that contributes to the amount a teacher takes home. In this job group, a teacher who is physically challenged is entitled to a disability guide allowance of 20,000 shillings per month. official Duties and Responsibilities:

To ensure Preparation of lesson plans, the lesson notes, timetables scheme of work, and maintain academic standards in school to ensure that syllabus is covered in time for valuation.

To ensure teaching of  the subjects of specialization and impart knowledge, skills, and attitude to the learner.

To ensure evaluation of  the learners in subjects of specialization and prepare learners for national and other examinations. Introduce new ideas and programs for improvement in teaching and learning in subjects of specialization

To ensure safety and health for learners

To ensure cleanliness of the school compound and tidiness of learners

To ensure consistency and improvement in curriculum delivery through teamwork and collaboration planning

To ensure serving  as the role model and maintain learner discipline to create a conducive environment for learning

To ensure Provision of guidance and counseling services to learners to instill norms and values for harmonious co-existence among other roles.

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