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Many Kenyans have lost there KNEC examination certificates under different circumstances . Fortunately, KNEC began implementing policy in replacement KCPE /KCSE certificates from the year 1981. Let it be known that replacement is done once only.

Apply In- Person

The owner of the lost certificate is required to fully fill the KNEC certificate Replacement Form when requesting for a replacement.
The form is available in the KNEC Archives and record offices or download from KNEC Website: (WWW. KNEC online).
Take your time and fill in the details needed and attach relevant documents to accompany the form
The following are the relevant documents for the application.
A copy of the lost certificate(s) or result slips(s).
If you were in a public school , then you should have a letter of recommendation from the Headteacher . If private or your schoolis closed down and addressed to KNEC, a letter should be signed by County Education Officer ( CEO) or Sub -County Education Officer ( SCEO) [Original copy]
A sworn in legal affidavit is needed on identity of the applicant [ Original copy].
A letter of recommendation from an employer to KNEC [ Original copy].
Police abstract indicating loss of KNEC certificate. A report should be done around the area it got lost. [ Mandatory]
A photocopy of ID card/ passport or Birth certificate for those that are less 18 years. The name used in ID or Birth certificate should tally with the one used during the examination. Individuals who change there name legally MUST attach the legal documents used to change there name. E.g married women should present there marriage certificate or a copy of the gazette the changed name appear. Appying with different examination details will not be successful.
A KNEC Bank deposit slip , (Original)
The total fees required is ksh.5000/= +16%VAT ksh800/=. Ksh5800 per a certificate. The cost will be renumerated to KNEC collection accounts in any branch of the following banks:

Co- operative bank of kenya

Equity bank

National Bank of Kenya

Kenya commercial bank

The fully filled form should be submitted to the
Council secretary/Chief executive



P.O Box73598-00200,


City Square,




Note : The certificates are ready after sixty working days .


The replaced certificate is collected by the owner by presenting original Passport/ ID card.

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