Cs Magoha Issues a Strict Instructions to all Schools Regarding the following scholarships

Cs Magoha Issues a Strict Instructions to all Schools Regarding the following scholarships

The education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has urged all head teachers and school principals to enrol learners from poor background into Elimu Scholarship programme.

The cabinet Secretary prof .Magoha, said that  it is heart-breaking to see bright but needy students at home due to lack of school fees yet the government has a scholarship to fund their education.

Magoha also added that the scholarship fund would help intelligent students with limited financial resources to pursue and successfully complete their secondary education without any hitch.

In his statement he said, “There is hope to those children from needy background to follow their dream and become what they want in life because the government will fund their education through Elimu scholarship. Let us not deny them that chance,”

The Elimu scholarship is an initiative funded by the World Bank and Government of Kenya through Ministry of Education that seeks to improve secondary education.

These scholarships  caters for school fees, transport, learning materials and the four-year secondary education period.

CS Magoha  pleaded with those few principals who were sending children home because of lack of school fees to desist from the behaviour.

While speaking at Kapsabet Boys High School after monitoring reporting of form ones, Prof. Magoha warned students who were still waiting out there to transfer to other schools that that was not going to happen.

Magoha further asked all head teachers and principals to register their students for Grade six, KCPE and KCSE and complete the registration within the next one week.

In another statement he said, “It’s a very short year indeed and we want to hand over to the next government when everything is in order.”

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