TSC Goes For Primary & Secondary Teachers in these Subjects For Fresh Re-Training

The Government is working tirelessly hard to ensure that all the students become fully equipped with the new prerequisite skills that are needed as per the new Curriculum.The new curriculum has proved to be very expensive for the parents due to the many materials that are needed in schools for a successful implementation.

While taking their children to schools last week,the parents cried that the CBC textbooks are damn expensive for most of them owing to the fact that they need to pay the school fees.However,ministry of education responded that the parents have been exaggerating the prices of these textbooks.

As the implementation process goes on,the teachers too have to be well trained.Currently,the teachers who are yet to be employed by TSC and the counties are applying for the new Diploma upgrade training program.The Government will give guidance on their trainings.

TSC is also planning to have some teachers get trained soon in their subjects of specialization.Inorder to make this a reality,the Commission has singled out some specific subjects in both Primary and secondary schools that the teachers will have to be trained in.

Teachersof Agriculture,Home Science,Social Studies and PE have been identified as those who will be considered for the trainings.These teachers should now be psychologically prepared for the trainings that will also include some 110,000 secondary schools teachers.Teachers Arena reports so.

Dr Macharia says all home science and biology teachers will have to be retrainedtoenable them handle health education, those in social studies must be taught how to teach new content on citizenship while those for sports and physical education must be enabled to deal with sports and health.

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