TSC Gives Guidelines to Teachers ahead of Roll out of Free Community Based Learning

Teachers Service Commission(TSC) has set out guidelines ahead of roll out of free community based learning.

Teachers will be required to arrange for classes of not more than 15 learners in villages and estates for four hours daily.

For teachers to participate in this exercise, they will have to register with education officials within their locality.

Under the new community based learning, face to face lessons will take place in open places and halls with strict conformity to Covid-19 containment measures.


During the community based learning, teachers will engage learners on life skills and values such as weeding, cultivating, grazing, story telling, hygiene among others.

Syllabus Coverage

Tutors will have an opportunity to cover the syllabus lost due to prolonged pandemic that grounded to a halt activities in education sector. This is because, learners will be grouped according to their ages and classes.

Since learning will be based on group discussions and peer-to-peer emphasis, then grading of learners will be possible.

“Teachers should use discussion groups during learning and even grading can be done among peers,” read part of the draft guidelines.

No Travelling

The commission will monitor and supervise community based learning through decentralised system at the regional, county and zonal level.

The draft TSC guidelines say the ministry of interior will identify learners and venues for lessons, while that of health will ensure learning takes place in line with covid-19 protocols.

Ministry of interior will also ensure no learner fails to participate in the programme. Chiefs together with Nyumba Kumi initiative will assemble learners who will be taught at no cost.

According to TSC Guidelines, teachers will be required to register with curriculum support officer CSO and sub county education officers within the area they are currently living.

This means that teachers will not be required to travel to their work stations, since they will be assigned duties where they are presently residing.

Orientation of teachers on how they will engage learners will be carried out.

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