TSC deregistration: List of deregistered teachers in Kenya 2020

The Teachers Service Commission TSC Deregistration – see reasons why a teacher will be deregistered from TSC:

A teacher can be deregistered if he/she:

  1. Dies
  2. Obtains registration fraudulently
  3. Has been convicted of a sexual offence or an offence against a learner
  4. Has been convicted of a criminal offence which renders the person unfit to be a teacher
  5. Is found unfit to teach following disciplinary proceedings
  6. Suffers from physical or mental illness or infirmity which renders the person incapable of performing the duties of a teacher.

Whenever a teacher is deregistered his/her name will be published in the Kenya Gazette.

In the Year 2020 a number of teachers have been deregistered due to their high thirst for sex. Being a teacher, comes with being a role model to the society, hence in schools we should have  teacher-student respect

To have the list of teachers who have been deregistered by TSC this year and the preceding years click on the link below to download the full and accurate list from the TSC website.

.Check list of TSC Deregistered Teachers here


TSC Offences and evidence required for teacher interdiction in Kenya/


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  1. Hello Sir/Madam
    I registered some years ago but now checking my registration status I see my number is not in the TSC system. What could be the problem?


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