July Salary: KNUT registered teachers miss out on the Final Phase of CBA


The much anticipated July 2020 pay rise has been effected by the Teachers Service Commission. However, not all tutors will be smiling all the way to the bank as dreamers put it. Most teachers still have nothing to smile about.

The first batch encompasses classroom teachers who right now feel used and dumped by both the Commission and teachers’ unions.

Classroom teachers had their salary increment implemented in two phases only, yet they do the donkey work within the school set up.

If SRC was honest about its findings, most school heads, deputies, and the so-called senior teachers barely know the performance, leave alone the names of the learners.

So this thing called responsibility allowance does not make sense at all. Why is it that most heads bury their heads in the sand like ostriches when things go south within the school.

Why is it that the TSC narrows down to the teacher on duty when dealing with indiscipline cases within the school?

Most of those principals and heads rarely appear in school. They use meetings and all sorts of excuses to justify their absence and indolence.

Secondly, most teachers have been taken aback after finding out that the Commission has not yet promoted them to the next grade, which is from grade C3 to C2.

Some of the comments on social media will leave you perplexed. After serving the Commission for three years, they ought to get automatically promoted to job group L. However; this is not the case since they have to contact the commission for automatic promotion

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  1. I believe we are being punished unfairly by our employer. Those with diploma in E CD are earning higher than those with degrees. Worse still those we graduated the same day are 3 job groups ahead. Demoralizing, heartbreaking….


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