Some Primary Schools to be Upgraded into Secondary Schools as the Government Plans the Following

Principals were worried that there would be a crisis due to a double intake which is expected to take place in the next one and a half years. The school heads in the secondary schools have said that the government has not set aside enough capital for development purposes to expand the infrastructure in readiness for the rollout of Competency Based Curriculum while claiming that the schools will be at a crisis as a result of 100% transition.

CS Professor George Magoha has however said that there is no need for alarm as the government has already planned on how Competency Based Curriculum will be implemented in the Junior Secondary Schools.

According to the CS, selected primary schools will be upgraded and turned to secondary schools which will host junior secondary wings. This will see some of the children remain in the same primary schools they are currently schooling at, with no change of scenery when transition to high school comes in 2023.

This means that most of the kids will remain in their current primary schools after completing grade six. They will then enroll for junior secondary education in the same primary school for three years and later head to senior secondary schools for another three years.

CS Magoha has clarified that CBC is designed to put an emphasis on development of skills and knowledge. He added that the government has laid down plans to make sure that there will be no failure in the implementation of the new curriculum.

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