KUCCPS officials issue warning over the 2020/2021 Admission letters and Placement results

The KUCCPS officials, have gone online to warn all the 2019 candidates over the admission letters and placement results.

This is due to the fake news circulating online about the placement results.  Just a month ago, the president of the nation Uhuru Kenyatta called off learning in all institutions in a move to curb the spread of the deadly covid-19 virus. He also insisted that workers should practice to work from home. Due to all these, the placement of the 2019 students has been slowed down. Hence the admission letters are not out yet.

Last year, the placement process by KUCCPS was completed abit early and the results were out by mid April. The last year’s candidates are hence warned against being scammed online because of their impatience.

The KUCCPS officials have also said that, the students should avoid being in panic because whenever the results are out, students normally get notified via text messages. They are also required to be checking the KUCCPS official websites for updates on the admission letters and placement results.

The so called online scammers are said to be taking advantage of the students, who are so optimistic and wishing to get their results as soon as they are out, so that they start preparing to join their universities of choice.

“Not everything you read online is true be aware of fake news” warned KUCCPS

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