The government set to increase school fees and examination fees paid by all students as proposed by the national treasury

Its is factual that the government of Kenya has not been able to review the school fees and examination fees paid by students who are sponsored by the government for over twenty years.  All students including university students are prone to be affected.

Whereby only students who emanate from humble backgrounds will have their school fees paid by the government. The government is mostly targeting the examination fees from the students who are to sit for national examinations.

As Stated in the new proposal by the National Treasury under Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani, some parents are expected to face an increase in school fees as they would pay exam fees on their own, as opposed to the government guaranteeing the charges.

It is now clear that the National Treasury wants only candidates who cannot afford to pay examination fees to acquire government funding while the others will have to pay the fees by their own.

“The fees paid by the government-sponsored students have not been adjusted for over 20 years, despite the fact that the institutions are currently facing huge financial problems,” informationread from a report submitted by Treasury to Parliament reads.

The Kenya National Treasury argues that the government’s waiver on exam fees had not been considered thoroughly as required

“The waiver will cater to those who have no ability to pay. Others will have to pay for the examinations starting this financial year,” an excerpt of the quoted report reads.

The money allocated for fee waivers will be channeled to the vulnerable students as those able to meet the costs fund themselves.

As per now in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, reopening of schools has been  set to be by early next month. While the Knec examinations will not be postponed. That is according to the CS education and  His Excellency, the President. This is after all the Kenyan institutions were closed on April 26,  to help curb the covid-19 virus by enhancing social distancing.

Kenyatta, however, had stated that the government would engage various stakeholders in a strategy that would also ensure students resumed classes.

“Exams are still on as planned, but we still have to know how we shall approach this and we shall elaborate more when that time comes,” said Uhuru Kenyatta, president of kenya, while he was addressing journalists from State House on Wednesday, April 22

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