How to Apply for TSC Certificate Registration Online, Requirements and Uses of of the Certificate

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Under the Teacher Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237, the commission is required to register all the qualified teachers before they can teach in any public or private school. All the teachers who meet the requirements for registration are issued with the TSC registration certificate that bears the TSC number within a period of 30 days.

The commission publishes the names of all the registered teachers every year.


The TSC certificate is a very important document that a Kenyan teacher must have if he or she aspires to teach in the classroom. Without the certificate, the chances of being employed or promoted are very minimal.

There are some teachers who are qualified but have not applied for the registration certificate, and they do not even understand the procedure that needs to be followed to acquire one. The article sheds more light on the process of registering for a TSC certificate online.

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Requirements for TSC certificate registrations

Before commencing the registration process, ensure that you scan the following documents;

  1. Certified copies of academic and professional certificates
  2. National identity card
  3. Bank slip
  4. On passport size photo
  5. KRA pin certificate
  6. Certificate of good conduct
  7. GP69 form
  8. Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans
    Ensure that you obtain a bank slip after making direct payment of Kshs. 1055 to the TSC account (Kshs. 1000 is a non-refundable registration fee and Kshs. 55 is the bank commission charge)

How to apply for TSC registration online

TSC online registration is usually done online after which the teacher is issued with a registration certificate that bears the TSC number. Follow this procedure to register for the TSC certificate online;

  • Visit the TSC service portal
  • Click on the registration/activate the account tab
  • You will be redirected to a new page
  • Fill in the form by entering the personal and employment information including TSC number, your full names as in National ID, ID number, KRA Tax PIN, date of birth, and so on
  • Create and confirm the new password that you will use to login to the system
    Attach the scanned copies of original documents where applicable


How to check the TSC registration status
If you have applied for the TSC registration certificate, you can check the status of your application by following the procedure below;

Visit the TSC online services portal
You will be prompted to enter your ID number or passport number.
Press on the go tab and you will instantly receive the TSC registration confirmation.
How to pay the TSC registration fee via MPESA

Did you know that you can easily pay the TSC registration fee through MPESA instead of going to the bank to deposit the amount? To pay the fees through MPESA, follow the procedure below;

  1. Go to the MPESA menu on your phone
  2. Select the pay bill option
  3. Enter the business number, which is 547700
  4. Enter the account number, which is 01001000905001
  5. Enter your pin
  6. Wait for the confirmation message
    GP69 form: What it is and how to get it


Denial of registration

A teacher can be denied registration if he/she:

  • Lacks the relevant academic as well as professional qualifications
  • Does not have good morals and has been convicted of an offence against the learner including sexual offence
  • Has been convicted of a criminal offence that renders him/her unfit to be a teacher
  • Isinvolved in those activities that are prejudicial to peace, good governance, and good order in the country
  • Suffersfrom a mental or physical condition that renders him/her incapable of performing the duties of a teacher

Requirements for TSC certificate replacement

  • A non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2055
  • Bank payment slip
  • Identification documents
  • An affidavit or marriage certificate in case of change of names
  • Kindly note that the non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2055 is payable to National Bank of Kenya Ltd, Harambee Avenue branch, Account No: 01001005707400

How to replace a lost TSC certificate

Just like any other documentation, the TSC certificate can get lost or misplaced, making it impossible for the teacher to access the vital services. There is no need to worry if you have lost the certificate because the commission offers opportunities for replacement in case of misplacement, loss, damage, or change of names. Follow the procedure below to replace it.

Begin by scanning all the documents before commencing on the exercise because you will be required to upload them

Visit the website
Key in your ID number and surname
Click on next and follow the procedure to the end
The commission can deregister a teacher if he/she:

Obtains the registration certificate fraudulently
Does not have good morals and has been convicted of an offence against the learner including sexual offence
Has been convicted of a criminal offence that renders him/her unfit to be a teacher
Is found unfit to teach following disciplinary proceedings
Suffers from a physical or mental infirmity that renders him/her incapable of performing the duties of a teacher
TSC TPAD: How to recover or reset password

If you possess the necessary academic and professional qualifications to teach in a Kenyan classroom, you should begin the process of applying for a TSC registration certificate. This will ensure that you get hired by the TSC and increase your chances of being promoted. The online application process for the TSC registration certificate is pretty simple, and you can easily follow through. The commission will issue you with a certificate within a period of 30 days.

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