TSC Registration Requirements and News TSC Number application guide

It is illegal to practice as a teacher in Kenya without a registration certificate from TSC. Here are the TSC registration qualifications that you have to meet for you to get the TSC number (which is evidence that you’re registered)

TSC registration qualifications

Below are the TSC number online registration requirements for teachers at various levels- ECDE, Primary, Secondary, and more.

TSC registration qualifications for ECDE teachers registration

Certificate ECDE teachers

  • Have a Minimum of CPE/KCPE together with an ECDE Certificate from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). OR
  • Have a KCSE mean grade of D+(minimum) and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC. OR
  • Have a Minimum mean grade of D (plain) at KCSE, a KNEC proficiency certificate, plus an ECDE Certificate from KNEC.

Diploma ECDE teachers

  • Have a KCSE Mean grade of C Plain and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC.
  • Have a KCSE Mean grade of C+ (minimum) plus a University Diploma in ECDE.

Degree ECDE teachers

  • Have a KCSE Mean grade C+ (and above) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in ECDE.

TSC requirements for primary teachers registration

Here are the TSC registration qualifications for primary school teachers.

  • Have a PTE (P1) Certificate from KNEC.
  • Have Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) degree (Primary education) (with 2 teaching subjects) from an accredited university.

Read the full requirements 

Basic TSC qualifications for the registration of secondary school teachers

  • Have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in 2 teaching subjects, a KCSE mean grade C+ (or above) and the same grade in your two specialization subjects. OR
  • Have a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree or a BSc. (Bachelor of Science) degree, a KCSE mean grade C+ (or above), plus the same grade in your two specialization subjects and a PGDE.
  • Have a Diploma in Education (minimum) plus a Minimum KCSE grade C Plus or above and C+ or above in the two subjects specialization.

Read the full secondary teachers registration requirements (and the requirements for employment of technical teachers)

In all cases, you must not be above the TSC age limit of 45 years.

Procedure for teacher registration

With the TSC registration qualifications out of the way, let’s turn our attention to how to register with the TSC.

We start with the documents that you will need.

Documents required

Kenyan Citizens

  1. A valid Certificate of Good Conduct.
  2. Relevant professional and academic certificates from institutions recognized in Kenya.
  3. A copy of your National ID Card or Passport.
  4. 1 passport size photo.
  5. A copy of your KRA Pin Certificate.
  6. Duly filled GP69 form TSC (Medical Form).
  7. A deposit slip showing that you have paid the TSC registration fee (Non-refundable).

Note: You should deposit the fee of shs. 1055.00 to the following TSC account:

  • Account name: TSC registration account number
  • Bank name: National Bank of Kenya
  • Account number: 01001000905001

You can also pay the fees via TSC Pay Bill Number 625625.

If you take that route, you will enter the account number 01001000905001 when paying via paybill. Note and save the generated Simple Banking Code as you’ll need it when completing the online registration.

Non-Kenyan Citizens

  • Your academic and professional certificates. It’s important to note that your certificates must have been issued by an accredited/approved foreign institution and equated to Kenya standards by the KNQF (Kenya National Qualifications Authority) or other relevant public institution in Kenya.
  • A document evidencing your registration as a teacher obtained in your country of origin (or any suitable document showing that you’re an authorized teacher in your country).
  • A genuine Entry/Work Permit issued by Kenya’s Department of Immigration.
  • A valid Certificate of Good Conduct or equitable document issued by the applicable law enforcement agency in your country of origin.
  • A vetting letter obtained from Kenya’s Ministry of Education.


The registration fee is still shs. 1055.00 and must be deposited to the TSC registration account number 01001000905001 given above (at National bank of Kenya).

Important: Please note that all the above documents must be certified by the TSC Director or your TSC Sub–County Director before uploading if you’ll be using photocopies.

Before proceeding, scan all the documents using a high-quality scanner (the certified copies or your originals).

If you have prepared everything and made the payments, you can proceed to register and apply for the TSC number.

This is, of course, done online.


How to apply for TSC number : Step-by-step

  1. Visit teachersonline.go.ke.
  2. Click the New Teacher registration

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc registration requirements pdf

  1. The screen below pops up.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc requirements for primary teachers

  1. Scroll down and Type your national ID no. and surname. Then click next.
  2. You’re now brought to this screen.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc qualifications for secondary school teachers

  1. Fill all the asked for details then click Next. For category select ECDEPrimary, or Post-Primary (for secondary). Remember to select your Mean Grade and the Year you sat for the KCSE/EACE/KACE etc.
  2. Now you’ll be brought to this screen. Enter the remaining information (scroll down) and edit as necessary.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc requirements for secondary teachers

  1. Now you come to the second last stage and here you will be uploading the other documents.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc requirements for pgde

  1. Upload each of your documents (start by entering the applicable certificate details- Institutionfrom, to, specialization, certificate number, etc.) then finish by clicking the add file button as shown.
  2. Click save documents to get an opportunity to upload your next document.

Note: Compress your documents (the cyber guy can help) since the portal won’t accept documents bigger than 1MB.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” /> how to pay for tsc registration using mpesa

The documents will be displayed nicely on the screen one after another in the order you upload them. Remember to press Savedocuments after each upload.

  1. When you’re done, click

Note: Here you can only upload 3-4 certificates. The rest you will upload in the next screen (as shown below).

This time you will be selecting the type of document then typing a small description and lastly pressing on Choose file.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />employment of technical teachers

  1. Continue uploading. Here you can upload between 6-8 documents so I would advise you merge documents like transcripts in one PDF file because they’ll be too many.
  2. To cut the long story short, proceed to upload everything.
  3. You’ll finally come to a page where you’ll be asked about the subjects studied and information such as whether you have ever been dismissed from the service. On the same page, you shall be asked to type the payment information(payment mode) and Pay-in-slip number. Type the information.

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />tsc requirements for special needs teachers

  1. Save your work and finalize after entering the details in all the required fields (click the button below there as indicated by the arrow).

And that’s all.

Your registration certificate will be posted through the post office address you have provided during the application.

You shall also be receiving an SMS message with your TSC no.

TSC registration qualifications and Online registration for TSC numbers Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

What If I lost my certificates?

If you’ve unfortunately lost any KNEC certificate(KCPE, KCSE, ECDE etc.), visit KNEC’s head office at South C, Nairobi with a copy of your results for the year(s) you wrote your exam.

A confirmation of the results/certificate shall be forwarded to TSC. After this, You’ll  be able to complete the application.

In case of trouble, call KNEC on their hotline number 0720 741 001

My names are mismatched, what should I do?

If you have a document with mismatched names, swear an affidavit from a registered commissioner of oaths or an advocate.

Be sure to upload the affidavit when loading the other documents.

Can I use photocopies to apply for registration with TSC?

Nope! You should only upload original documents.

As I said, you can request for a confirmation of results as per question 1 above.

Are the documents to be certified?

Scanned copies of your original documents are needed.

If not, photocopies are to be certified if they’re to be used.

Can I use result slips?

Only use original certificates.

What if I lost my TSC certificate?

If you have lost your TSC registration certificate, you are free to apply for a duplicate TSC certificate online.

Obtain a police abstract, scan it, and upload it when applying.


TSC helpline number

In case of any queries regarding the TSC registration qualifications or the TSC number application process, Call TSC helpline number 020- 2892351 or write an e-mail to info@tsc.go.ke

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