BoM Salaries Delay as The Ministry of Education Releases FDSE Funds

In a circular dated 20th August by the principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, Confirms that money has been sent to the Schools’ Nemis accounts (National Education Management Information System) on Wednesday 5th August, 2020 at 2:50pm.

The Ministry of education Released the Free Day Secondary Education Funds at a capitation rate of Kshs.5,151 per student.


The Circular discloses that in January, the ministry of education released 50% of FDSE funds to schools. These funds included P.E funds that were scheduled to run up to June,2020. In the same regard, kshs 3,226 per learner should be utilised in the payment of salaries to the non teaching staff, water and electricity bills as well as administrative costs up to December 2020.


The total annual allocation for maintenance and improvement was Kshs 5,000 of which 4000 was disbursed in January 2020. An additional of Kshs 5000  per learner has Been released to enable schools prepare for reopening in January 2021 to confirm covid-19 guidelines. Consequently the contents of a circular dated 26th November 2019 on the amounts for M&I will change to Kshs 4,500.

Payment of BoM Teachers

The Ministry of education will support Teachers employed by the board of management as at 15th March 2020 for five months only from August to December 2020 by paying them 10,000 per month. Each teacher must sign for the money personally and records kept for auditing.

Payment should be made monthly and not in advance. Schools with BoM teachers will receive a separate commensurate disbursment based on the data obtained from TSC.

Yesterday, CAS Kinuthia Asked the BoM Teachers to be more Patient saying that the money will be released immediately verification of the BoM teachers is over. That, the money will be sent to the school accounts in two weeks time.

The BoM Teachers have gone without pay from 15th march,2020. Some of the teachers have been sent for an unpaid leave since then. This has seen many teachers languishing and turning out to be hopeless. Thanks to the good move by the government that will help cushion the BoM teachers in these hard times.


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  1. OK. The parent or the forces behind schools re-opening this year, should know that, upto now there are no funds disbursed by the Govt to prepare schools for early re opening.
    Schools can’t do miracles when nothing is happening.
    No body is ready to risk his or her child when covid 19 pandemic curve has not flattened.
    If all schools were closed by the order of the president due to one case found, what about now we are reading of over 200 cases in the country?


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