School Re-opening; Cs George Magoha gives a Response to WHO on School Re-opening haste

In a statement, WHO urged African countries to expedite the re-opening of schools, arguing that most children were suffering at home.

While addressing journalists during a tour of the North Rift region, the CS told off WHO for what he described as an attempt to turn Africans into guinea pigs.

“Do you think it is our president and his government who have the interests of our children at heart or is it WHO and UNICEF?

The same WHO is double-speaking, I am Magoha, son of Magoha and you can take it to the bank. They have given us protocols which apply to everybody else,” stated Magoha.

The former University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor highlighted the fact that many other countries outside Africa were worse off.

“I want you to remember that there are Asian countries that are worse than many other African countries

“They have given us protocols which we must do and because they think we are African, it is okay. Is someone trying to treat us as guinea pigs or what? We as government, we love our children,” he added.

WHO had argued that the negative effects of the extended education disruption were significant as poor nutrition, stress, increased exposure to violence and exploitation, childhood pregnancies had been witnessed across the continent.

It stated that schools paved way for success for many Africans as well as provided a safe haven for children in challenging situations.

“We must not be blind-sided by our efforts to contain Covid-19 and end up with a lost generation. Just as countries are opening businesses safely, we can reopen schools,” WHO Regional Director for Africa Dr Matshidiso Moeti stated on Thursday, August 20.

In the period since the pandemic hit, several counties including Makueni have recorded increased cases of teenage pregnancies.

The CS has maintained that schools will remain asserting that “the decision to reopen them lies with President Uhuru. He is the one to decide whether he can take the risk.”

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