Belio Kipsang; BoM Teachers to Receive salaries for the next five months

Board of management (BOM) teachers will be paid Ksh10,000 per month for five months to December, the government has said.

This means that the teachers might not be compensated for the previous months they have gone without pay since March when the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in the country.

“Each teacher must sign for the money personally and records must be kept for later auditing,” said Education Pincipal Secretary Belio Kipsang in a circular to regional coordinators of education and county directors of education.

The money will only be paid to teachers who worked at the schools as at March 15.

This comes hours after Education CAS Zack Kinuthia announced that the Ministry was through with verifying data from schools that had been submitted to the government.

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“I can confirm to you that verification was completed yesterday(Monday, August24). No more issues emanating from that. And that approval was done to release money,” wrote Kinuthia on his Facebook page.

Initially, Kinuthia had indicated that the money was delayed due to unverified data from school heads.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Kinuthia says that the ministry received data from school heads that conflicted the data held by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

“What is holding the money is the Unverified data that was submitted to us from the field, vis-a-viz the data we have with the Commission. From the onset, I want to say that we received a humongous list from the field, including teachers who are not enrolled with TSC. This means, Heads of Schools sent untrue, or illegitimate data, which meant that money would have gone to the wrong people, or more people than is the reality, denying the genuine beneficiaries the right,” wrote Kinuthia.

The government had initially indicated that the money for the teachers who have gone for close to five months without pay would be released by the end of July.

“This is more of concern to me, because over 90% of these teachers are Youth like I am. And I can’t be comfortable and restful while you wallow in distress. I have heard your cries. I have read your painful stories out of over 4 months without pay,” added Kinuthia.

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  1. Lead on the opinion to private school teachers who are not concerned yet we are all under tsc,,, ain’t we going to be considered?


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