New Directive To all Schools Concerning Mandatory Purchase of School Uniforms,Cs.Magoha

New Directive To all Schools Concerning Mandatory Purchase of School Uniforms,Cs.Magoha

Following the numerous complaints from parents, now Education Cs Prof George Magoha has reiterated that no student should be sent home due to lack of school uniform.

As per to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s early directives, the student admissions should be conducted equitably with the goal of providing equal opportunity to all students.

part of his directives indicated that Incase a student hails from a low-income family and receives a government scholarship, the school should provide uniforms and deduct the cost from the student’s account, according to Magoha.

In  support of this, Magoha said “There is too much talk about these uniforms that is not necessary and as long as the child has arrived in school do not send them back home. The policy of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government is that every child must be at school.”

“And if you have a completely indigent child who is from a very poor background, who is definitely going to get a scholarship, they should be admitted, if you have any uniform in the school you should give it so that when the money comes it will be deducted.”

While speaking on Wednesday when  inspecting the Form 1 admission process at Nyeri High School,Cs Magoha urged county and regional administrators to use fair criteria when awarding scholarships to students, emphasizing that those who cannot afford to pay for their high school education should be given priority.

Magoha also added,“For the sake of uniformity as one government, as you give away scholarships in their respective jurisdiction, can they select those children who cannot afford.”

Magoha has pleaded with them to identify poorer children who have been admitted to good schools by affirmative action that these children do not drop out of school just because the fees to the schools they have been admitted is high than normal.

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