Woman says her mother-in-law almost ruined her marriage life

Woman says her mother-in-law almost ruined her marriage life

Mother-in-laws are essential for any stable marriage as they are consulted for important marriage aspects. To June, she was not lucky as she was married in a home where the mother-in-law was such a toxic person who never respected their daughters-in-law. Her mother-in-law never liked her from the moment her son introduced her to her as his legal wife. Junes added that her facial expression alone highlighted everything on how the lady never liked her. She said most of the times she never liked visiting her husband’s matrimonial home as she feared her mother would demean her and most of the times she decided to stay In Nairobi.

“She looked innocent until one talked to her. She had the habit of back biting me to his son, my husband on how I seemed a bad wife material,” she said. in addition, June said that she had been pressuring her son to abandon her as she was not the desirable wife she wanted her son to live with. It was reported that she even went to the point of seeking the services of a certain traditional doctor for some spells which would scare her out of the marriage but she was never shaken.

She knew well that her husband was her right man in marriage and so living with him was her last option as far as marriage is concerned. She was in a marriage but that rejection from her mother-in-law was now the problem since in laws are such essential people in any marriage. On the other hand he had his husband back as he would always support her and promised to change her mother’s aspect that she was not a desirable wife. Through her friend, she was told about this native Dr Mugwenu who settled such issues with his powerful spells and so he met him at his offices. She said Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimonials would not spread on news websites and feeds. He also casted spells to meant to change her mother-in-laws attitude towards her. After a week she came to testify that they then started talking with her mother-in-law as spells from Dr Mugwenu seemed successful. The mother-in-law later begged for forgiveness and promised to treat her as her with respect as her daughter-n-law deserved.

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