Woman says her husband was possessed with evil spirits and she thought he would kill her one day

Woman says her husband was possessed with evil spirits and she thought he would kill her one day
We are living in a society where people are really stressed with lack of jobs and other family issues that may lead them to being stressed and depressed. To Moicah, 35 years old, her husband had none of the issues mentioned above as he had a well paying job but with time as they stayed in marriage she realized that her husband was possessed with that killing spirit. She said she had been thinking that her husband had maybe lost his job or had been stressed with job related issues but he would just provide for the family as usual.
The mother of two says sleeping was a problem as her mind was really far as she thought one day her husband would just wake up and kill her with their two children. She really loved him and always wanted the best from him. She said her husband would behave weird like boxing the wall and scaring their children, something that made them hate him. Each time he was from work, their children would lock themselves in the bedroom as they were so much tired with their dad’s escapades of behaving like an insane person.
With that they never had peace in the family. She added that she had tried to talk to her husband on what might be wrong with him but he kept on saying things were just okay but clearly she would see something was wrong. She shared the story to her long time friend who advised her to seek some help from this man Dr Mugwenu as he had helped a thousand people who had mental issues live their life without any disturbance. She met Dr Mugwenu at his offices as she wanted her husband problem changed. She feared that her testimonial would spread on news websites and feeds but Dr Mugwenu promised her story would be only known to him. Evil spirits were exorcised from his husband through spells and assured that things would change since then. Weeks later, she testified that her husband was now at his peace of mind as they lived happily. His weird behaviors were no more as Dr Mugwenu spells ended the menace.
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