TSC Begins Posting Recently Recruited Intern Teachers

TSC has began the exercise of posting the newly recruited intern teachers to various work stations across the country

To address severe teacher shortage in schools the commission In September 2021 advertised a total of 1995 teachers internship slots where 1,038 posts were for primary schools and 957 posts were reserved for secondary schools.

According to TSC the recruitment of teacher intern teachers was in support of the government’s initiative to develop a pool of young talents for the country’s labour market .

The programme which lasts for 1 year aims at supporting the efforts by teacher training Institutions to equip and sustain competencies of tutors absorbed into the service .


The newly recruitment interns will enjoy a monthly stipend of ksh 15,000 for those in primary schools and Ksh 20,000 for those in secondary schools .

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The commission recently extended the term of service for 4,005 interns who’s term was to end in December 2021.It also has plan of recruiting atleast 6,000 interns before the year ends .


According to TSC CEO Nancy Macharia the additional employees would ease teachers’ workload as enrollment rises, particularly due to the government’s 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary school policy.


“This is a commendable government effort to ensure quality learning and teaching in our public schools,” said Macharia.


Macharia said the recruitment of 6,000 teachers on internship will cost the Commission kshs 1.2 billion.


She said TSC is more concerned with the workload brought by the 100 per cent transition policy and commended the government for allocating more funds for recruiting more teachers.


“we appreciate the government for allocating TSC funds annually for the recruitment of additional teachers since the 100 per cent transition programme was launched,” said Nancy Macharia.




However of the 6,000 internship vacancies only 2,000 will go to primary schools while the rest 4,000 will be reserved for secondary schools

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