TSC Updates; July Mass Recruitment updates


TSC July mass recruitment. TSC July mass recruitment. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has unveiled updated plans about the proposal to hire 20,000 intern teachers in the fiscal year 2023–2024, which begins in July.


TSC chief Dr. Nancy Macharia has stated in her testimony to the National Assembly’s Committee on Education and Research that the TSC July  recruitment is  guaranteed to all Teachers.

According to Dr. Macharia, these teachers should help our public schools fill their teacher shortage gaps while also ensuring that every student receives a high-quality education.

TSC July mass recruitment

According to Macharia, TSC’s decision to hire interns on its own will have several cascading impacts on the educational system.

The program will raise many households’ living standards nationwide and enhance educational levels as well.

This is in accordance with the information provided by Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Additionally, according to Dr. Macharia, the commission is putting in place a comprehensive medical plan for teachers and their dependents.

According to Macharia, the present medical program has more over a million members nationwide.

This has  contributed to the Manifesto’s goal of increasing access to high-quality healthcare to all Teachers.

The commission is dedicated to raising employee satisfaction and morale.

The goal is achieved through all teachers promotions once they advance their careers.

Macharia noted that some teachers had remained in one job group for a long time, which had resulted in low productivity and demotivation.

The committee noted how the situation affects  learners are taught in schools.


TSC now needs Sh2.2 billion to complete the advancement of teachers across the nation in various job cadres.

Macharia added that in order to fund teacher professional development, the commission needs Sh2.1 billion.

Stay tuned for more updates for more updates about the slots.


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