TSC suspends all promotional interviews at headquarters,regional and couty offices ; Learn of the big reason behind it


In line with govenment directives on containing the spread of coronavirus, TSC has suspended all the on-going interviews at the headquarters, regional and county offices with immediate effect.

The commission will communicate to the affected teachers on when the exercise will resume in due course.

Meanwhile, the commission encourages all teachers to help in this fight by disseminating the correct information to all people wherever they work and live. The nation calls upon us at this hour to be the agents of the change that will defeat coronavirus.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta today announced that all institutions should be closed and public gatherings and any company gatherings should be avoided at all costs.  He also said that:

  • Government and companies to allow employees to work from home except essential services
  • Avoid congregations, weddings, funerals
  • Avoid shopping places and minimize congestion in public transport
  • Limit visits to hospitals
  • Hospitals and malls encouraged to provide water, soap, sanitizers and
  • regular cleaning and disinfect p

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