TSC planning for mass recruitment of teachers as Crisis Looms amidst 30,000 teachers set to exit service by December


TSC can for now sit pretty, but there’s time bomb that will disrupt schooling when schools open in January next year. A good number teachers will not see the inside of a classroom. In the last three months alone,6000 teachers have exited service. Most after attaining mandatory retirement age of 60 years. Many more are set to retire by December this year.

Of the retiring teachers,the bulk of them are senior teachers who have risen through the ranks to leadership positions. Some chief principals of national schools, senior principals of country and extra county schools,and senior teachers have already handed over duties. Many deputies have either taken over schools in acting capacity or have exited service too.

There is a crisis as most acting deputies and heads do not qualify for confirmation. As most are stuck in job group L,which is not an administrative position,therefore losing out on responsibility allowance. Such teachers are discouraged from giving free service coz it hinders TSC from advertising job group M positions.

There is fear that,even as deputies take over schools in acting capacity,they won’t inherit the schools,ones schools open because of the delocalization policy requiring heads to work out of their counties. TSC headquarters,has been sending heads from all over the country. So there is little hope of deputies being confirmed in schools.

Many schools do not have substantive management.  TSC headquarters being over whelmed has since directed heads and deputies of county and sub county schools to be recruited and posted by the county director of education,in lias with regional education officer.

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