TSC List of Approved Subject Combinations in Kenya 2021

TSC is a body that employs and pays teachers in Kenya. For a teacher to be employed by TSC one has to meet set requirements one of them being taking approved subject Combinations in the University.

One Approved way of choosing the best subject combination approved by TSC us by doing research on the vacancies that TSC and Boards of Management if Schools are having difficulties to fill.

There are two types of subject combinations one can take while in the college or university that is; the Arts combinations and the subjects under Science



  • Geography,CRE
  • Geography,History
  • Geography,IRE
  • Geography,Business
  • Geography,Kiswahili
  • Kiswahili,CRE
  • Kiswahili,IRE
  • History,Kiswahili
  • History,CRE
  • Arabic,IRE
  • Mathematics, Business Studies
  • Mathematics, Geography

To have a degree in the Arts combinations stated above, you are required to have an overall grade of a C+ and above, C plain in Mathematics, A C+ in one of the language subjects and a C+ and above in the two teaching subjects.


To take a Bachelor of education science subject combination ;the available options are as indicated below



  • Chemistry Biology
  • Chemistry Physics
  • Chemistry Mathematics
  • Mathematics Computer Studies
  • Physics Computer Studies
  • Physics Mathematics
  • Biology Geography
  • Biology Home science
  • Biology Geography
  • Biology Agriculture
  • Biology Mathematics
  • Agriculture Geography
  • Agriculture Home science
  • Business Computer Studies

The Bachelor of education science Course structure of course, the Bed. (Science) programme is meant to make you a professionally qualified teacher who can swiftly handle STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects in Kenyan Secondary Schools as well as middle level colleges.


TSC Chairperson, Nancy Macharia addressing a Media press

Here is a summary of the requirements to pursue a Bachelor of Education (science) degree.

KCSE mean grade of C+ with the following minimum grades for each subject:
C+ in Mathematics
C+ in one of the following:
(i) Physics or
(ii) Chemistry or
(iii) Biology or
(iv) Geography
Have a B- in one of:
– Physical Sciences
– Biological sciences
Alternatively, you may be granted admission if you hold a Diploma or an S1 certificate in science(Education) from recognized Institutions.
Note that it’s a must for you to have scored a C+ in each of your selected teaching subjects to qualify.

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