TSC Introduces new teachers Payslip portal; Registration Requirements and Procedure

The Teachers Service Commission has introduced a new Payslip portal for teachers. You can now access your TSC online Pay slip at https://www.tsc.go.ke/

TSC Payslip is designed in a way that is easy to use. Teachers can log in at any time to performs whatever service they want to perform.

To get your Payslip online, you must first be registered. Initially, the process was done online but now you must visit your local TSC county office for you to be registered. To log into your T-Pay account, all you need is your TSC number and your Password.

Once registered, you can now proceed to log into your T-Pay system to view your Payslip and p9 forms. The system also provides a function for teachers to send their latest payslip to 30 parties such as banks, SACCOs among others to facilitate the acquisition of a loan.

1. View your payslip
2. Get your P9 form for filing KRA returns
3. Send your payslip to your financial institution
4. View your third-party transaction

How to Change your payslip password

1. Use the “Forgot Password” option that appears on the login page to reset your password
2. Fill in the password resetting form.
3. Reset your password
4. Once You have logged into the new T-Pay system, you may need to keep a copy of your payslip. Simply, click on the latest payslip to see the recent payslips.
5. To save a copy of your payslip, take a screenshot of the payslip. Similarly, click the print tab at the bottom of your payslip.

You can also search for previous payslips by using the search ‘T-pay menu items’ tab. Then click the view payslips sub-Menu.

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