TSC Gives Fresh Details on Extension of Contracts for Continuing Teacher Interns


In a circular by TSC, the Commission has come out clear on the Extension of continuing Intern teachers contract.

The circular indicates that, the contract will be renewed to teachers who were not at a position of being recruited in the recently conducted interviews.


Extension of Contracts for serving Teacher Interns;

The commission has authorized the extension of contracts for the serving teacher interns. This affects the teacher interns who were not recruited in the recently concluded recruitment process for regular teachers. The rationale for extension is the fact that the internship programme was disrupted by Covid-19 pandemic which led to closure of schools in March 2020.”

According to the circular, Lists of Teacher Interns who will have their contracts extended, will be out by 10th December. The teachers will also be issued with contract extension letters on the same date.


“Lists of the teacher interns whose contracts are to be extended together with a template for the contract extension letter will be sent to you by 10th December 2021.”

After receiving their letters they should resume/ report back to school on 4th January whilst the new interns will be required to report on 11th January 2020.


The serving interns whose contracts are to be renewed will remain in their current stations and are expected to start their new contract on 4th Jan 2021.

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