TSC Criteria for Promoting Teachers and How to check if you’ve been Promoted

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) revealed the criteria used in promoting the 16,000 teachers in 2021. The promotion lists and letters for the teachers are now available.

According to the TSC revelation, several factors were considered in coming up with the final list of promoted teachers. Factors like regional balance, gender equity, and affirmative action for ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) counties among others were considered.

TSC said that the promotions were equitably distributed across the regions. They added that the Promotion is guided by career progression guidelines under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA.

The TSC County Directors are currently writing the promotion letters for the teachers who shall then be notified via SMS to go and pick them. So, be on the lookout for an SMS from the TSC County Director; with the good news.

After the promotions, lucky teachers will be appointed into the administrative positions and be deployed by the Commission. Currently, there are many vacancies in administrative positions at many schools. most schools are operating minus Deputy school heads, senior masters, and teachers.

“All vacant positions are advertised and filled competitively. All teachers are given equal opportunities through interview sessions,” TSC says. A total of 16,152 teachers were promoted after the recent interviews.

As expected Kiambu County got the highest number of promoted teachers after recording the highest number of applicants at 1,717. Kisii came in second with 1,673 applicants while Kakamega had 1,488 applicants.

The promoted teachers will fill the 1,341 vacancies for Deputy Principal I and another 1,096 vacancies for Deputy Principals II.

Similarly, 6,680 teachers have been promoted from grade C3 (Formerly L) to grade C4 (Senior Master IV); which is the entry grade to the administrative positions in Post Primary Learning Institutions.

Most schools are having teething administrative gaps, with some operating without Deputy School Heads, Senior Teachers, and Masters. See the guidelines below on the numbers of administrators that each school category should be having.

Keep checking www.teachersonline.tsc.go.ke for all the lists of promoted teachers per County, which will be uploaded very soon.

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