TSC Commissioners set to start the monitoring of TPAD/PC implementations, TSC expectations from teachers and institutional heads

TSC commissioners are ready to start the monitoring of TPAD/PC implementation in schools this week as from 24- 28th Feb.

For school principals, you are required to at least ensure that your teachers have prepared, updated, and maintained all professional documents as per teachers’ check list. I.e the lesson plans and the schemes of work.

Also,  the principals are expected have all documents that are expected to be endorsed on weekly basis complied to.  prepare your documents as per the head of institution check list.
Display the following:
1. TPAD cycle, activities
2. KCSE/KCPE results for at least five years.
3. Lesson observation schedule
4. KCSE/KCPE 2020 targets

Clock in/out register, school log book, lesson attendance summaries, 2020 TPAD target setting meeting minutes and staff/ students registers to be updated.
TPAD/PC files for 2019 to be within reach.

Collect your school’s 2020 PC from your CSO without fail and make copy for the TSC SC

As per the 2020 TPAD/ PC Calendar from TSC teachers should have, by now, downloaded Performance Contracting documents from the TSC Website.
Other tasks that ought to have been accomplished include: setting targets, signing of Performance Contracting Forms (By heads and Principals) and creating the new TPAD 2 accounts. Weekly lesson attendance reports are also supposed to have been filed online among other periodically executable tasks.

School heads are also to display the TPAD cycle activities and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results for at least five years.

The Commission, this year, rolled out the new system to solve inadequacies experienced with the old TPAD system. The new system is more detailed and advanced

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