The Fate of our Internship teachers after TSC Advertises Job Vacancies

Due to teachers shortage in our Kenyan schools, last year TSC made a move to have approximately ten thousand teachers on internship. According to the agreement between the two parties, secondary school teachers were to receive fifteen thousand shillings each month during the one year contract, whereas the primary school teachers were to receive ten thousand shillings. Though the salary was subject to deductions I.e helb loans, NHIF funds, NSSF etc.

The teachers went in for the one year  internship period, despite the salary that didn’t seem enough expecting to be absorbed by TSC on permanent basis.

The teacher’s on Internship have been expecting to be Confirmed by the Teachers Service Commission.  But to the Surprise of many, TSC has today advertised Job vacancies. It is now evident that teachers who were on Internship won’t be confirmed. All they need to do is to apply for the Job Vacancies and wait for the interviews.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC,  declared advertised 5000 vacancies in secondary Schools to support 100 percent transition from primary schools to secondary schools. The teachers recruited are expected to serve on permanent and pensionable terms of service.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application online through the commission’s website, under careers’ in

Application Procedure:

There will be no hard copy applications. If you are interested and qualified, then submit your applications online through TSC website; under careers or

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  1. On behalf of the intern teachers and on my own behalf as an intern,am kindly requesting for the issue of their fatd to be highlighted and explicitly looked into.It hurts a lot to hear the Tsc C.E.O talking of recruiting an addition of 10,000 interns without a clear plan on their future.All the requirements needed for one to be employed on internship are more complicated and costly than those required for those who are employed on a permanent and pensionable terms. These not withstanding,the stipend being given to the intern teachers who are already qualified to be employed as teachers is also wanting. The government and that teacher’s employer must get serious and take this issue with the weight that it deserves.One day this matter will come haunting them.

  2. Tsc kindly consider confirmation of intern teachers l remember other counties like Lamu ,interns we’re very few because of harsh working conditions,insecurity..but the still sacrificed to work… please consider interns

  3. Good thing to confirm interns who persevered to accept stipend while others refuted the offer due to unclear fate and little pay

  4. Before you are confirmed as interns .Think of those teachers who graduated earlier they have tarmacked and were not lucky to be taken as interns


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