Majority B.O.M teachers to miss the May Salaries as the B.O.M association officials write a letter to the CS Of Education


Currently in Kenya and Majority countries, Corona Virus has taken root hence closure of all learning institutions. The closure of all learning institutions in the nation came as a result of trying to curb the spread of the deadly Covid-19. As this could enhance social distancing and hence less contacts.

Thousands of schools are now struggling to maintain teachers employed by the boards of management on payroll as Covid-19 takes a heavy toll on the country’s basic education.

The tutors are hired by parents to support those posted to schools by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).
Some learning institutions have sent the teachers and instructors on unpaid leave. Others have not paid their salaries for the last two months, the Nation has established.

 Currently the country is struggling with a shortage of some 130,000 primary and secondary school teachers. While the average teacher to learner ratio is 1:45, most schools operate on 1:60 or more.
The commission says more than 30,000 teachers are employed by school boards.

Principals interviewed said they have run short of funds to pay the teachers since schools are not getting anything from the Ministry of Education.

(Kuppet) Siaya branch executive secretary Sam Opondo said many of the teachers have been sent on unpaid leave.

He added that the union is looking for ways of helping the teachers financially and called on schools to ensure they are paid.

Below are a sample internal Memos across Kenyan schools showing that B.O.M teachers will have to take an unpaid leave.

Internal Memo image
Murray Girls high school Internal Memo to B.O.M teachers



Mr Opondo added that public secondary schools are in financial problems.

In Kisii and Nyamira  County, principals say they are not in a position to pay the teachers. Many teachers, however, received their March and April salaries.

Kisii High School principal Maurice Ogutu said his administration has exhausted all the resources.

“If nothing is done, we will not pay our 15 teachers and other employees,” Mr Ogutu said.

It is the same case at Itierio Boys School. Itierio head Isaac Oreyo said the school has five board teachers.

Kereri Girls High School principal Teresia Atieno said she could use the cash meant for infrastructure to pay the 26 teachers.

“We settled April salaries and we could pay for June and July but not after,” she said.

Ms Atieno added that most students had not cleared fees by the time they ware leaving school in March.

“We recruited more teachers due to the 100 per cent transition from primary to secondary school policy. Not paying them is not our fault


The Kenya National Network of Board Management Employed Teachers Kenya Public schools, last week wrote to the Cabinet Secretary Education George Magoha, expressing their sorrows. The officials of the association now want the government to provide them with some cash to keep them through these hard times. They say, B.O.M teachers are also part of Kenyan teachers who are actually in to curb the teacher shortages in the schools.

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