Teachers and CSOs to Earn Huge Allowances in 2021 CBC Training


The Teacher Services Commission plans to train teachers in the Competence Based Curriculum which is set to replace Program 8: 4: 4.

The commission has released new training dates which will start on 24 May 2021.

The Competence Based Curriculum Champions and Competence Support Officers will begin training on May 25-27. Training will take happen online.

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On the other hand the Zonal teachers will begin their training on 31 to 4 June 2021. Their training however will take place physically.

According to the commission, the said parties will have reasons to smile in relation to the grants.

CSOs and CBC champion training

i. The training will provide facilities and food at ksh: 400 per day for 3 days.
ii. Stationery: 100 per participant.

iii. Each participant will be paid ksh: 3000 as daily allowances for the accommodation.

Teacher Training and Zonal Head.

i. All participating teachers will be given Ksh: 400 daily to facilitate their transportation. This payment will be made at the end of the training.

ii. All CSO and CBC champions will be given ksh: 1000 a day for five days as a relief grant.

CSO And CBC Champions Training Transport reimbursement as per prevailing fares up to a maximum of Kshs.1000 For CS0 and 800 for the Champions.

Training institution will provide venue and meals (10 o’clock tea, 4 o’clock tea and lunch) at Kshs.400 per day for 3 days

Stationery at Kshs.100 per participant.

Every participant shall be paid Ksh. 3,000 daily subsistence allowance to cater for accommodation for 4 days.

Teachers and Head teachers Zonal Training

All participating teachers will be reimbursed Kshs.400 per day to cater for travel expenses. This will be paid at the end of the training session.

All participating CSOs and CBC champions will be paid Kshs.1000 as facilitation allowance per day for 5 days.

.The host institution will provide lunch at Kshs.400 per day per participant and facilitators

Stationery has been allocated Kshs.100 per participant.

Regional Directors, County Directors, And Deputy County Directors

These senior officers will be entitled for an allowance of up to a maximum of Kshs.1500 per day and shall be paid for 5 days.

Mode of payment

All payments shall be made through the bankor direct mobile transfer and not cash.

There shall be no cash withdrawals to pay participants and venues.

The funds will probably be disbursed through bulk M-pesa services as it has been in most cases. Participants may be expected to give their safaricom mobile phone numbers or bank account numbers, depending on the mode that will be settled on.

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