Sironga girls high school Performance 2020, Songs, School fees structure, Location and Contacts

Sironga girls high school songs

Sironga High school songs have been ranked best among the songs done by all other schools in Gusiiland. The girls have good voices that make the music good to listen to. To download sironga High school Songs, follow them on their YouTube channel. A channel that has been active for three years now and has a collection of their songs.



Sironga girls High school is located in Nyamira county in the Nyanza Region. In the just released results on 10th, may, 2021, the school has registered a an extraordinary performance where it has managed to send over 87% of its students to University.

The school has registered an improvement in performance from previous years with a positive deviation of +1.8.

The school had registered 392 candidates for the year 2020, where 341 candidates have managed to get the minimum university entry grade of C+ and above. The school managed to score a mean of 8.209 in this year’s exam as compared with the previous year where it registered a mean of 6.409 in 2019 with a candidature of 580.

Sironga Girls National School is a Boarding Secondary school that is located in Nyamira County, in Nyamira South sub-county and in Nyanza Province. It’s one of the National Schools in Nyamira County and the most performing school in the region. The school has an enrollment of 1,624 students in the whole school with a teaching staff of 82 teachers.

The school has a able Principal, Md. Eva Akeyo Odhiambo of excellence. She is assisted by her two deputies, Mr. Guantai Haron of excellence in charge of academics and Md. Joyce Lwane of excellence in charge of Discipline.

The school structure is subdivided into various departments which are headed by teachers appointed by the Teachers Service Commission. The Departments that the school has include, Mathematics Department which is headed by the able HoD Mr. Amwoma, Science Department, which houses the chemistry, Biology and physics departments, which is being headed by Dr. Evans Makori Of excellence, Language Departments, which also houses the Kiswahili and English Departments and is headed by the able HoD Madam Lenah Asiago of Excellence, Humanities Department, which comprises of History, CRE and geography Departments and is headed by the able HoD Md Ruth Ogero. These comprises of the academic Departments that the school has.

Other Departments include, Examination Department, headed by Dr. Machora of Excellence with his assistant Mr. Solomon Ongige, Co-curricular Department headed by Mr. Javanus Omariba, Welfare Department headed by Mr. Kish Masafu of excellence, Games Department headed by Md. Rose Mangare and assisted by Mr. Shem Maroko, Guidance and counselling department headed by Madam Elizabeth Makori and the latest department is the Department of Dress code headed by Mr. Bernard Kaunda.

School Location

The school is located in Nyamira County, Nyamira South Sub County in Nyanza Province, Kenya

School Information

Name: Sironga Girls High School

Gender: Girls Boarding School

Category: National School

Level: Secondary School

School Code: 43700012

Ownership: Public School

School Contact: +254 792955180

Address: P. O Box 453-40500, Nyamira-Kenya

School Email Address:


History About Sironga Girls

The school began on 1st, July, 1968 as a harambee Mixed Secondary School with 62 students through the help of Vice  President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. The school later transited into a girls school and later a provincial school in 1990. The school was then promoted to a National School in 2014 after numerous and tremendous outstanding performance.

The school was Named the “Maroon Palace” by the former principal Md. Hellen Mabese because of its maroon Uniform.

The school is founded on strong Christian faith and sponsored by the Adventist Church and therefore no learning and teaching activities are conducted on Saturdays since the students are supposed to worship during this day.

The school has a good scenery with well cut lawns which improves its aesthetic value. From the gate right to the departments and classrooms, the school looks very neat which provides a conducive environment for learning.

School Vision

A globally competitive educational Centre committed to sustainable Development.

School Mission

To Establish structures that enhance quality education to empower learners to face global challenges.

School Motto

A vision of excellence

School Mandate

Offer quality Education to girls from all over the country as is required through dissemination and implementation of education policies, administration and management of school programs, quality evaluation in education, coordination and supervision of examinations.

School Core Values

1. Fear of God

2. Professionalism

3. Teamwork

4. Integrity

5. Equity

6. Efficiency

7. Punctuality

8. Courtesy

9. Innovativeness

10. Confidentiality

School Contact Information

The contacts below will help you get in touch with the school administration.

Address: P.O Box 453, Nyamira- Kenya


School Number: 0792955180

Admission and selection Criteria.

Admission and selection of students joining the school is always done through the Ministry of education portal where those selected are notified and they are supposed to pick their admission letters from the school or sent through the postal address provided. Those seeking admission or would like to change the school where the student has been admitted are required to visit the school in person so that the school can request the Ministry through their portal to allow the student be admitted in this school.

School Performance Analysis

The school has always posted good results throughout the years emerging the top always in the region. In the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) The school posted a mean of 6.4 (C plain) with an enrollment of 585 candidates. The school emerged third in the region after Nyakemincha and Nyambaria High school.

In 2014 and 2015, the school recorded a mean of 8.90 (B plain) and 9.70 (B+) respectively.

Fees Structure

Sironga Girls high school Fee structure

Sironga girls structures

School Gate
Science Complex, Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories.
School’s Tuition Block
Chemistry Teacher teaching Using a Smart Board
Students During Pathfinder induction.

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