Maranda high school Results 2020, School Uniform, Fee Structure and Contacts

Maranda high school is a national school in Siaya county. The School has time above numbers proved center of academic excellence not only in Siaya County but in the country at large.

This year the school had the highest number of registered candidates in the country. It registered  453 candidates. The amazing thing is that, its high candidature did not deter it from an excellent performance.

In KCSE 2020, Maranda high scored topped in Nyanza region by posting a mean score of 9.76. The school also managed to take 425 students directly to university. This translates to 93.81% of the total candidature.

Maranda high school is under the esteemed leadership of Edwin Nemachanja. Last  year (2019) Mr. Nemachanja  won the Principal of the Year (POYA) award, Nyanza region.

Of the 453 candidates,  48 of them scored straight As while 142 scored A minus (A -)


School fee structure

Maranda high school fee structure can only be given to you by the school administration officials.  To Obtain it, visit the school administration offices.

Maranda boys high School Uniform

Below is a picture of the Maranda high school Students uniform.

Maranda High School is a national boys ‘ school in Kenya that has been upgraded from provincial status due to a good performance over the years in the national exams. Maranda High School is identified by its vision, mission and core values. These are the foundation stones upon which the operations and activities of the school rest. It is one of the oldest schools in the country. Maranda High School was established in November 1919 by the late Shadrack Osewe Agot. It began offering formal rudimentary training in 1926 with the help of Chapel Minister Society (CMS). Between 1927 and 1928, it was made a boys’ boarding school. It has a decent record in scholastic and game execution and has contributed, and keeps on adding to national improvement by creating prominent individuals in the general public, for example, the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Rt. Hon. Executive Raila Odinga, the late Mr. Orwa Ojode who was an associate Priest, Mr. Oburu Odinga (Right hand Priest) and numerous productive specialists, legal advisors, engineers and numerous different experts.

School Motto: Integrity in Practice –the phrase the school has chosen to express our ideals, the principle of our behavior

School Mission: To provide quality education through efficient and effective service delivery to enable learners become productive members of the society towards achieving sustainable development.

School Vision: To be a leading institution in providing holistic education that would inculcate a sense of integrity and responsibility in the learners.

Maranda High School location;
The secondary education institution is at Kapiyo village in Bondo District approximately 5 kilometers from Bondo town.

Maranda High School KCSE performance;
The national school ranks consistently in the top 10 schools in Kenya in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations, coming in 4th in 2010, 1st in 2011, 7th in 2012 and 2nd in 2014. Maranda High School pulled a major surprise move when it topped renowned academic giants to emerge the best school nationally in the 2011 KCSE examination results and for many years it has recorded over 90% transition rate of students to the university. Consequently, the demand of the school has risen tremendously resulting into a rise in population to over 2000 students. The population growth of the school was envisaged and is quite in line with the strategic plan that made provision for infrastructural development in line with the projected population growth.

Maranda High School Form one selection;
The school admits over 350 students every year and as of 2018 had a population of about 2400. Maranda high school sent the highest number of students to Universities in 2018 after 425 students met the Joints Admission Board requirement of grade C+ and above. The school which registered 493 candidates for the examination was identified as the best performing boys’ school in the county.

Maranda High School Contacts;
‎Address: P.O.Box 120, Bondo 40601
School code: 42700005
Phone Number: 0777700140, +254 721 454 172/ 057-520015


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