Secondary School Principals and head teachers now want the kCPE and KCSE dates postponed

Due to the Corona virus infection that is taking root in Kenya, the government led by the President Uhuru Kenyatta went into a step of closing all learning institutions in the nation in the urge to curb the fast spreading disease. This was done to enable for social distancing and to reduce faster spread of the disease, until further notice dir there is no one who knows when the cure nor the vaccine will be traced.

According to this year’s Knec examination timetable, KCPE examinations is scheduled to begin on October 27th. While the  KCSE examinations are set to start on November 2 and continue for the following four weeks.

Due to the pandemic, most brains are in confusion whether still the timetable will be used as Earlier dictated or it can be changed. The teaxhers, students and parents are actually wondering on how the students will have to go about syllabus coverage and yet get enough time to revise doe their papers. Hence the thought of examinations being postponed.

As per now the ECD examination has been postponed to further notice by the Knec officials. This has made the community at large feel that the KCPE and KCSE examination timetable should be once again adjusted.

Through their national chairman, secondary school Principals now wants Kenya National Examination Council  (knec) to postpone KCSE and KCPE exams once the schools re-open. It’s a move that they believe will allow the teachers complete the syllabus and allow for students to do enough preparations  before their papers arrive on their tables.

If the Covid  19 pandemic continues, its going to pose a serious challenge to the ministry of education  says the chairman of principals Kahi Imdimulilahi, should it go beyond the month of April this year. Hence he insists that the school calendar should be adjusted to fit the situation.

However, inner sources from the ministry indicate that the ministry is very reluctant to give any directives pertaining the school calendar until the school reopened to avoid any confusion should the pandemic persist beyond the suspected period.

Its believed that the current situation has not only affected the syllabus coverage but also preparation of the examinations papers. The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination papers are printed in UK.

The fact that all international flights have been cancelled to prevent new cases of Covid 19,  the Newstamu crew has come to conclude that, the Kenya National Examination Council officials will not manage to travel to Britain to hasten the revision and printing of the  national examination papers.

Practical examinations for technical subjects such as agriculture and Computer studies are already underway.  As the Knec officials already notified teachers not to upload the students’ scores to the Knec portal just last week .

As the virus is deepening its roots we, the Newstamu crew wish that you stay safe always as we all pray for the situation to be out under control.

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