School Re-opening; The President expected to give School Re-opening updates

President Uhuru Kenyatta will  lead a national Covid-19 conference, tipped to be a turning point in Kenya’s fight against the coronavirus  disease. The conference is expected to chart forward  a responsible path forward for kenya as the  nation establishes the new normal  of adaptation to living with Covid-19.

Presidential address to the nation on the coronavirus pandemic. “The address by the Head of State will unveil the contaïnment measures that will guide Kenya into the new normal,” said Kinyua yesterday. The address is expected to, among other issues, give an academic calendar which was suspended in March.

Earlier on last week the ministry of education together with TSC body, came up with a decision to have teachers report back to school by 28th September to start off the school Re-opening preparations.

The teachers are expected to prepare carriculum delivery materials including  timetables, schemes of work, lesson plans and related activities for carriculum implementation and delivery. They are to develop innovative strategies and mechanisms for curriculum imple- mentation while upholding the Ministry of Health guidelines and protocols for containment of the spread or Covid-19 incuding social distancing and  regular hand washing. use of sanitisers and wearing face masks.

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