PTE 2021; Application, Registration, Exams and Fee Structure

PTE is a two-year course taken by students who wish to be teachers at primary school level after completing their secondary school education. The course is usually undertaken in different recognized institutions all over the country. PTE requirements and application The first step in PTE application is to check the minimum entry requirements. To be eligible for the Primary Teacher Education Certificate course, a candidate must: Have scored

1. A minimum grade C (plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.

2. Have obtained a minimum of D Plain in mathematics and C Minus in English.

3. Meet minimum entry requirements if differently-abled.

The requirements for physically disabled, visually impaired, and hearing-impaired candidates is a minimum grade of C Minus in KCSE.
If you meet the minimum entry requirements, you need to choose the college of your choice and submit your application for the course. Primary Teacher Education syllabus

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is responsible for developing the syllabus for Primary Teacher Education in Kenya. The primary teacher education syllabus has two volumes that assist the tutors and the students to go through their course with much ease, thereby improving the quality of education.

The PTE course lasts for two years. No candidate is presented with the award of Primary Teacher Education certificate until two full years of the prescribed course study have been successfully completed.

Volume 1
In the first year of the course, students study the following subjects:

1. Mathematics including aspects of business studies

2. English including aspects of Library Science, Mother Tongue, and Drama

3. Kiswahili including aspects of Mother Tongue and Drama Science Integrated with Home Science and Agriculture

4. Religious Education (CRE / IRE) Social Studies including some aspects of Business Studies Education including Special needs educations, Guidance and Counseling, and legal issues in Education 5. Creative Arts (Music, Art and Craft and Drama Integrated) Physical Education Information Communication and

6. Technology Practical teaching is also undertaken. Students have three teaching practice sessions, one in the first year and two in the second year.

Volume 2
In the second year, the students are required to study nine subjects which are as follows:

1. English Kiswahili Education Physical Education ICT The five form the core subjects which are compulsory for all the students.

2. Each student is then required to choose four subjects from either option A or B as follows: Option A Science Home science Agriculture Mathematics Option B Music Art and craft Social studies Religious education Primary teacher education exams In the final examination, a student must sit for nine examinations, including teaching practice, and information communication and technology that are internally examined. 3. At the end of the first year of study, students sit for an internal mid-course examination which is moderated by the internal examiner

The students are required to pass all nine subjects in order to proceed to the second year of study. Those who pass are then awarded transcripts by the college. Those who fail in all the subjects are discontinued while those who fail in four or more subjects repeat the whole year.
A student who fails in less than 4 subjects is allowed to proceed to the second year but has to re-sit the subjects failed in the first year. A candidate who fails the subjects they are re-siting repeats the whole year while candidates who do not pass the examinations after being referred will be discontinued.

Registration for PTE exams

This is done by the institutions and colleges. PTE exam fee The students who pursue the PTE course are usually awarded a certificate in Primary Teacher Education upon successful completion of the course. Kenya National Examination Council is the examining body for the PTE exam.

PTE Exam fee in Kenya is Kshs. 3900 for the regular students. Candidates repeating one subject are required to pay Kshs. 1950 while those repeating two subjects pay Kshs. 2250 to sit for the exams. Those repeating three exams pay Kshs. 2550.

After completing the course, the students are awarded a certificate in Primary Teacher Education. To be awarded the PTE certificate, the student must pass the practical teaching with a pass in eight subjects. Students who do not pass practical teaching are usually allowed to redo it. The final grade is then usually determined by a pass in the six best-performed subjects.

A student who fails to meet the requirements for the award of the certificate is allowed to repeat the final examination on the subject which she/he had failed. The certificate is usually graded as follows: 1 – 2 distinction 3 – 4 credit pass 5 – 6 pass 7 – 8 fail The primary teacher education KNEC past papers are available on different websites that aid the learners in their revision. If you are preparing for the final PTE exam, you should download these papers and revise them.

PTE is one of Kenya’s best and most competitive courses as it guarantees you employment after finishing college. The good news is that the course duration is short and you will be done with it in two years. If your dream is to become a teacher, this course should be on top of your list

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